Saturday, April 24, 2010

7th Heaven

Audrey quote of the day: "Can I figure out how the ugly 7 can help you?"
Where to start.
Audrey calls the European seven with the line through it (see pic) the "ugly number 7" and the unlined 7 as we Americans typically write it, "the pretty number 7". I'm not sure how any cardinal number could provide me the kind of help that I need, but she's welcome to try to figure it out.

When she talks about numbers like this, I'm reminded of the autistic savant, Daniel Tammet who wrote the book Born On A Blue Day. He's the guy that can recite pi to 20,000-some decimal places, and says that to him numbers have little personalities and that's how he can remember and manipulate so many of them at once. I saw him interviewed once by Diane Sawyer and he said that she reminded him of the number 315, or something like that. I wonder if Audrey sees numbers like that, and if so what number I look like to her? 911? The crisis hotline number for the nearest psych ward?

I think that a lot of parents of autistic children secretly hope that their children will display some superhuman, savant-like talents, but that will not be the case for most of us. Which, speaking for myself, is probably a good thing. I don't need any extra temptation to smuggle my 6 year old into a casino or run away with a bunch of carnies.

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