Thursday, April 29, 2010

Audrey la Exploradora

Audrey quote of the day: "Ayudame!" Screamed from the bath tub when she got soap in her eyes. You know that she's watching too much Dora the Explorer when she has a better command of pronouns in Spanish than in English. She's also taken to saying "hola" " buenos dias" and "vamanos". And at one point she was asking that her birthday cake have a picture of herself on it, because both Swiper the Fox and Issa the Iguana had birthday cakes with pictures of themselves on it.

Audrey goes through phases with her cartoons...she's been through Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Max & Ruby, and Diego. She doesn't like to mix things up and watches one series until she's seen them all 10 times over and even she is sick of them. I don't know which cartoon started it, but they all now employ that irritating device where the characters look directly into the "camera" and ask questions or make demands of the kids. Like tell us which path leads to Chocolate Lake, or yell out "Salta!" louder and louder so that we can jump even higher in our rocket sneakers to reach the Cloud Castle. OK, I rattled those off a little too easily. Anyway, Audrey reacts to these requests the same way that she does in real life, which is to say that she completely ignores them. Which robs me of the rationalization that these stupid shows are in any way educational. Though in some twisted way I am relieved that she is at least consistent in her response...I'd hate to think that she was more responsive to Dora than anyone else.

The greatest parody ever of Dora was years ago on Saturday Night Live, where a cartoon character named Maraka asked such questions of the audience as "Can you break a fifty?" and "Do you know why my father left me?" So, so wrong.

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