Thursday, April 15, 2010

Duck, Duck, Goose

This movie shows what Audrey looks like when she is excited. The current objects of her affection are Canadian geese and ducks. She is completely obsessed by them, and wants to stop and chase after every one that she sees.

Which is sort of problematic since there seems to be one every square yard around here. They are everywhere anymore...sitting on lawns in our neighborhood, in ditches by the side of the road, and of course in every body of water from retention ponds to parking lot puddles. It is impossible to make a trip anywhere without seeing one or a hundred on the way. And Audrey pitches a fit nearly every time we pass one by without stopping. I watch her in the rear view mirror when I'm driving hoping that a gaggle that I'm passing will somehow escape her gaze.

I can sort of see that a Canadian goose might be the most exciting thing that one could see during a car ride through our strip-mall-laden suburban landscape, but I really get frustrated when we go somewhere that should hold more interesting sights and she is still fixated on geese. Like the zoo for example. The zoo where there is all manner of exotic animals from far-flung continents that you would never otherwise see anywhere else except at the zoo. The zoo, where you can see White-Cheeked Gibbons, Red-Capped Mangabeys, and Cotton-Topped Tamarins...and somehow Audrey is still only interested in Turd-Dropping Vermin.

She bee-lines it right for the fountains which are always loaded with them. I watch her do her happy dance, thinking how I will have to get my carpets detailed again when she inevitably tracks more goose shit into my car...and how I really should have saved the entry fee and just taken her to the Kmart parking lot after a good rain.


  1. My best friend VIctoria and I years back set up our first play date/girl date thing with our sons. We planned a pool trip only to discover that the pool and the second pool we were going to were under construction. We end up at the park, after a good rain, and watched our kids play in puddles. I think they had a better day slopping through these silly puddles over the well planned, lunch packed pool day. You make me laugh.

  2. Audrey is so cute! My son flaps his arms, which looks more awkward, especially since he is so tall. It is almost like an electrical shock is going through him. The good news is that she will probably out grow this fixation. My son's was flushing the toilet. I remember the first movie we went to, we spent the whole time in the cinema bathroom flushing toilets! I found that it's easier to just let them enjoy what they interesting.

  3. Ok, so Kai LOVES Canada Geese. Seriously. Like, it's his favorite bird. He even bought me a geese snow globe. For real. To me, they are just little crap machines that might take a finger if you get too close.

    Also? Whenever we go to the zoo, both kids love seeing the stupid ducks that happen to be there than any of the actual zoo animals. Total waste of money, I agree.