Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Autism Awareness Day/April Fool's Day!?!

I know that I am not the only one who has taken exception to the fact that World Autism Awareness Day coincides with April Fool's Day. With all the days on the calendar to choose from, today could very well be my 365th choice.

I'm also not entirely behind the new witchhunt against poor old Ronald McDonald. I can understand the argument about appealing to children and contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic, but really? Parents can't compete with a clown when it comes to taking control of their children's nutrition, health, and well-being?

I don't really think that you lay this all at the feet of Ronald McDonald, as if he is the sole reason, or even that much of an influence, on why children love McDonald's so much. If a costumed mascot can really have that kind of hold over our children, then why isn't the Hamburglar as much of a deterrent as Ronald is a lure?

I suspect that parents want to eat at McDonald's as much as their children, and I can understand that. Yes, it is the worst food on the face of the earth for you. But it's so damn tasty. In the past, I have not been above ordering a Happy Meal and giving Audrey just the french fries and toy while I enjoyed the cheeseburger and chocolate milk. While I would never in a million years order an a la carte carton of chocolate milk, for some reason I feel that I can justify it simply because it is one of the beverage choices with a Happy Meal. As is my usual drink of choice, Diet Coke, but why would I order that with a Happy Meal? What says "happy" more than chocolate milk?

I have not taken Audrey to McDonald's in a very long time, but I cannot claim that this is because I have cracked down on our diet. She always wants to go to the McDonald's with the Playplaces and then like clockwork comes down with some kind of dengue fever within 48 hours. They are the germiest, most disgustingly unhygienic places anywhere. The literal last straw for me was when one of our little friends came down from the play structure sucking on the straw of an old shake cup that looked to have been squirreled up in the tubular chutes and ladders since the early 90's. Forget about Ronald McDonald...the cartoon spokesman that I'd really love to see at McDonald's is Mr. Clean.

Audrey's new favorite word = shenanigans.
Example of her using it in a sentence: "Can I do some shenanigans?"
I think that she believes the definition of shenanigans is anything Mom doesn't want her to do. Which is about right.

Audrey's quote of the day: "I'm going to play on the computer in about an hour." Sounds fine. Except that she said this as she was walking out the door for school, and I'm pretty sure that she has no idea how much elapsed time = "about an hour".

Also, "Let's do some smelling." No clue.


  1. You were above me in the Blog Gems so I was forced to come to this crappy blog.

    By the way, enough with the fortnight.

    The story about the straw made me throw up a little bit in my mouth. Now I will really struggle with letting my kids play in there. Each time they come out I am waiting for them to have an old condom or something.

  2. "Let's do some smelling"...LOL

    Love it. I've been enjoying your blog for a while now, from a distance. Thanks for being you and sharing your life.

    Blog Gems #7

  3. What fun reading your first post! You were damn funny from the very beginning!

  4. Can't believe your blog has only been around since this past April...

    Although, I guess it has been a few fortnights since then. ;-)

    Just taught my Rose the word "fortnight," by the way. In course of reading Anne of Green Gables -- vocabulary lessons galore.

  5. It's been a fortnight since I've heard the word shenanigans used properly.

    Although I hate to admit it, I agree with almost everything April Lynn had to say. This is surprising since there is so litte I agree with December Lynn. Hopefully, January will reveal a more Agreeable Lynn.

    Btw, "Let's do some smelling" was part of my wedding vows.

  6. Wow.. you're only blogging since April 2010? You write as if you've been doing this all your lfe!

    Eeww..straw story...eeewwew!!

    Shenanigans..'tis a great word is shenanigans, no wonder Audre likes it. She has great taste!

    xx Jazzy

  7. seriously? I have to follow Big Daddy with my comments? oh boy...
    funniest first post. or as my son would say "fabulous". 'cause that's his word. I can't wait to teach him shenanigans.
    I think I might have to now go back and read each of your posts in order. They are all awesome.

  8. Crack me up.. I want to do some smelling too.

  9. henanigans is one of my favorite words. No wonder I like you and Audrey so much.


  10. Hey, I've got an idea: Let's do some smelling! But.... in about an hour...

  11. @Mommyof2boys: A used condom would really be a would be quite a tight squeeze up in the old playplace tunnel slide.

    @Laura: Wow, no one ever thanks me for being me. Did you hear that @bigdaddy?

    @Cheryl D: Thanks!

    @JoyMama: Excellent...Rose will not be confused when she gets around to participating in this fortnightly blog hop then.

    @jazzy: I assume shenanigans has Irish roots? Look into that etymology and get back to me will you? And look up "hooligan" while you're at it too.

    @Alysia: Thanks so much! It's fun looking back even though it wasn't all that long ago. @bigdaddy has every one of my posts memorized if you need any guidance....

    @cooperl788: I guess it all depends on what you're smelling...

    @movie: I knew what you meant...although maybe henanigans is a word all its own.

  12. I found a hair in my McDonald's hamburger yesterday. I'm totally with you: I'm over that place, even though their the only restaurants where I don't need to rush through the meal because there is an in-built playground.

  13. I have to agree with the play place disgust. If for no other reason than I know a few things my kid has done at the very top when he refused to come down. Yeah. We're THAT family. Good times.

  14. Oh wow, your first post is written like you have been blogging years! (I mean that in a good way) I love the chocolate milk too and I would never order one a la carte :D Thanks for joining in Blog Gems :) Jen