Friday, April 2, 2010

The Joy of Autexting

Audrey has figured out how to send text messages from my iPhone. She loves to send texts to her favorite "lady" (ABA therapist) Lauren. She likes to namecheck the other "ladies", Raven, Melanie, and Amy, in the texts to Lauren. Audrey texts like she talks, e.g.: repeating back and/or not always having much regard for what the other person is communicating. Could this be the new dream mode of communication for people with autism? It encompasses so many of their favorite things - letters, typing, technology, and communication without eye contact - all with much more immediacy than email.

Here's a sample "conversation" between Audrey and Lauren:

Audrey: Lauren
Audrey: Johnson
Lauren: Hi Audrey
Audrey: iwannaplayoutside (hasn't figured out the space bar)
Lauren: Tomorrow we will play outside.
Audrey: Tomorrowwewillplayou
Audrey: Audrey
Audrey: And
Audrey: Lauren
Audrey: That,s-from-audrey (knows she needs something in between the words)
Lauren: How are u?
Audrey: Search-phone
Lauren: Whats that
Audrey: Whats-that
Audrey: Heather
Audrey: Raven
Audrey: Amy
Audrey: Melanie
Audrey: Tha,ts-all-the-ladis

I do not have an unlimited text plan, but something tells me that I should invest in one.

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