Monday, April 5, 2010

My Rear View Mirror

Ever since Audrey reached the 20 lb. mark and we were able to have her face forward in her car seat, I have had my rear view mirror pointed downwards, trained on her in the back seat rather than at the traffic behind me. Sure, a cop had to follow me once for a mile or so and then yell at me over his bullhorn to get me to pull over, but other than that it's worked out fine.

In the early years, I mostly did it to keep tabs on her -- to see if she was becoming distressed, had puked, or fallen asleep. If the latter occurred, I had precisely 10 minutes to get home if I had any hope of transferring her into her crib and extending her nap. There were many a time that I had to tear-ass home to beat the 10 minute mark...hence the cop on my tail.

At 18 months old, I realized that Audrey had incredible visual memory and knew all of the routes that we travelled to our various destinations. She would become upset seemingly out of the blue, and I finally realized that this happened when I took a "wrong" turn that wasn't taking her to the place she had thought we were going. Ever since that time, whenever I look at her in my rear view mirror she has this anxious/confused/suspicious/distressed/concerned/"who farted?" look on her face that is priceless.

On the plus side, she is like my very own little GPS system. If I miss a turn or an off-ramp, she is right there to get me back on track. I'm counting on this to come in very handy when I become old and senile.

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