Friday, April 9, 2010

Reply Hazy, Try Again

Audrey is verbal, but not exactly what you would call conversant. She still doesn't quite get that a conversation is a two-way street, and tends not to pay attention to questions or comments directed at her.

She has lots of speech, but it tends to fall into the following categories:
The obvious: "That's Lauren!"
Hyperbole: "The computer is so beautiful."
Angry declarative: "I get mad when I have to share!" or "We're not going to use the iPhone right now."
Repetitive: "Can I do some shenanigans?" was cute the first 1,000 times she said it.
Still processing instructions she was given months ago (these are sometimes whispered under her breath with her hand over her mouth): "I should not say things that don't make sense."

But the best is when she has your side of the conversation for you. This happens when she is trying to get you to agree to something that she knows you don't want to: "Can I have some chocolate? Good idea! The answer is yes!"

We don't even have a Magic 8-Ball, so don't ask me why all of the responses she puts in other people's mouths sound like they come straight from that classic toy. I need to teach her some of the negative responses so she can work them into her repertoire. Chocolate at 8:00 in the morning? "My sources say no".


  1. If not for me having my wife's side of the conversation, I would not be married today. Good for Audrey and her chocolate getting ways.

  2. Don't forget the funny: "There's all kinds of Laurens!"

  3. Smart girl...I have to agree with her on this...I like chocolate in the morning..

  4. When my little guy takes my side of the conversation, he starts with the question. I hear a lot of "Do you want milk? Yes, Dad, yes please"

  5. I used to have a Magic 8 Ball (yeah...shows my age I know!) I call it our "word phrase bag" with our kiddo. Today it is like two degrees outside, and my son still asks "eat inside?" Gotta give him credit...he TRIES to be conversational!

  6. Chocolate is great any time of day :)
    PS - I'm over from Blog Gems

  7. Wait 'til she starts saying, "Better not tell you now."

  8. "The computer is so beautiful." but but but, Lynn, she is RIGHT, all computers are beautiful!! Jen (thanks for joining in blog gems)

  9. Great Post. Definitely made me smile. My little one is not quite verbal but when he does engage in communication lately it is often one sided. For instance two days ago he threw something on the floor, and before I could say anything he said "pick up... give me (as he was giving it to me) thank you (as if he was saying it for me), and woohoo (my reinforcer for enthusiasm)". I was pretty shocked as he did this so quickly walked away without even letting me get a word in. Wait until we ask them something and they respond "Outlook not so good" lol. Great Post.