Sunday, April 18, 2010

SCD: The Start Cooking Diet

Erin responds:
I have a love/hate relationship with this diet. I did NOT want to do it, I tried so hard to AVOID doing it but when my husband said, "If Zach is not worth it than don't do it" how could I resist? I wanted to hate it and I wanted it not to work. I called my mom the first night and said, "29 more days..." My doctor said it was easier and cheaper than GFCF...Huh? I disagree on both counts. We just finished 4 1/2 months of GFCF and with no change in our son Zach we started SCD.

We eat lunch at 11:30am. I used to ask the kids what they wanted for lunch at 11:25am. Now when Zach gets on the bus at 8:50am, I start lunch. I have to have a plan, I have to have the ingredients, and I have to have a glass of wine every night to tolerate it all. I dream about...almonds. I bought a 5 lb. bag of almond "flour" (not sure why they call it flour, just crushed almonds) and it lasted me 4 days. I just ordered a 25 lb. bag so we'll see how that goes. This makes life a little easier since I was grinding my own nuts in the beginning. What do I make out of almonds? Pancakes, bread, muffins, pizza crust, the better question is what DON'T I make out of almonds.

I have suffered from chronic stomach pain for over a year now. $30k in testing and poking and prodding and I find myself with celiac and Crohn's. My doctor's remedy? Take 10 pills a day and no more gluten. Seemed easy at first but after a few weeks was quite tedious. After about 2 weeks on this diet I quit taking my pain pills and cut my pill intake in half. No change. Wow, that is pretty cool. Another week and a half later and I stop taking my meds, no pain. Wow, that is VERY cool. (I am by no means a medical expert and do not recommend anyone quitting meds without a doctor approval so don't sue me)

I am left with a horrible conundrum. I stay up til midnight cooking every night and feel like a million bucks? Or give in and see what happens if I cheat? How long do I have to do this?! These are the questions floating through my brain 24 hours a day now. We are beyond social rejects. No one can get near us at meal time. My mom, who loves to cook and could feed an army, still gets all choked up if we discuss food. Our friends have everyone over and order pizza. *Insert jealousy here* We have turned down invitations to 3 birthday parties for our son with autism. Please note the irony here, a child struggling with social issues and fighting to fit in, sitting at home and missing the party. But we dare not irritate that little belly of his with birthday party poisons such as cake and ice cream!!

Zach has made some pretty amazing accomplishments. He walked right up to a woman working at the grocery store and started chatting her up. Huh? We were going for a walk and he started talking to a new neighbor, "Where are you moving here from?", he asked. What? He said to me the other day, "Look how cool I am mom!" He has never known the word cool before. Getting on the bus just yesterday, "Bye Mom, have a great day!" After 8 months of going to kindergarten, this is the first time he has said this to me. As I stood there and teared up, the moms of the typical kids looked at me like I was nuts. Every day when I pick him up the other kids shout, "BYE ZACH!" and he responds with a fact about Rhode Island. Last week he looked over and yelled "Bye!" to his classmates. HE initiated it! These moments in our lives are priceless, and I feel like I must give thanks to this diet consuming me.

I hope to one day embrace this diet with a positive attitude and sing from the roof tops that I feel amazing and my little boy is breaking out of the haze which has surrounded him for years. Until then, I'll just say it sucks.

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