Saturday, April 3, 2010

Audrey's ATM

We have gotten our first taste of spring here in Chicagoland. I went to put a t-shirt on Audrey that was a holdover from last summer, and she said "I played with Renee in this shirt." I never ceased to be amazed by the incredible memories of these kids. I have no doubt that the last time Audrey wore that shirt she was playing with her friend Renee. She has no problem remembering what she wore 6-7 months ago, but somehow can't tell me what she did with my credit card that she was walking around with just an hour ago.

Audrey loves to stick credit card-like objects into slots. She loves ATM's and vending machines that have that automatic sucking action that pulls credit cards and dollar bills into the slots. I've caught her a couple of times jamming things into my husband's computer hard drive, trying to duplicate that experience. It's one thing if it's just random pieces of paper, but my credit card is a different story. I really needed to know where it went to, so Steve had to dismantle his hard drive. Lo and behold, there was my credit card, along with Aunt Stel's funeral card, my health insurance card (which had gone missing a long time ago and for which I had already requested a replacement), tons of hotel card keys from Steve's business travels, crumpled-up coupons, and some of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Will this be a passing obsession or stick around for a while? One never from now on my wallet will need to be on top of the fridge and join our rotating collection of oddball objects that need to be kept out of Audrey's reach.

Audrey quote of the day: "I need me to help you." Pronouns are a bitch!

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