Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Audrey's Favorite Things

So I've already mentioned a few of Audrey's current obsessions: Canadian geese, sticking credit card-like objects into slots, and snacking on my toiletries, none of which show any sign of abating. Especially the geese. Oh Lord, the geese. It got me to thinking that I should really take an inventory of all of them that have come and gone. I certainly wouldn't want to risk forgetting any of them come scrapbooking time. I'm not going to bother including the obvious ones like electronic toys that light up and make sounds, computer games/websites, or TV shows, because I'd like to finish this post before the end of the month.

I'm not sure that a list, no matter how long, could ever convey the torment that comes along with these fixations. Every child has things that they like to do/play with/watch ad nauseum, but I always know when we have crossed over from a quirky little affinity into fatal attraction when Audrey is unable to be separated from the object of her affection without a meltdown that goes way beyond the norm.

So, with apologies to Julie Andrews, here are a few of her favorite things, past and present:
Watching escalators
Opening and closing refrigerator and cabinet doors
Making automatic doors (at the grocery store, Target, etc) open and close
A foam block with the word "funny" written on it
Messing with the telephone until she hears the operator recording
Setting the timer on the microwave so that she can see it flash "END" when the time's up
Flushing toilets
Smearing liquid soap in her hair
Taking one bite of an apple and putting it back
Thwapping that springy doorstop thingy on the baseboard
Watching fountains, sprinklers, and any other water in motion
Throwing rocks down/looking at sewers
The hot pink My Little Pony (Starcatcher? Rainbow Tiddly Winks? Princess McRufflebutt?) as opposed to the light pink or medium pink or purply-pink ones

And with that, I am off to try to find some sewer-themed scrapbooking paper...


  1. The flushing toilets one brings back a memory... Remember when we were over playing and all your bathroom doors were locked and Zach peed his pants because he couldn't get in? It was quite traumatizing at the time (because of his tantrum that then ensued) but how nice that we can look back on it and laugh...

  2. Yes, that is one that is definitely in the past...thank God. I think she still enjoys it...she still watches the toilet flush after she's done, but she walks away after a few seconds and isn't obsessed with continuing to flush. It's soooo nice to be able to keep the bathroom doors unlocked...poor Zach! I wasn't used to being around a potty-trained kid at that time!

  3. love watching water in motion. It mesmerizes me and I often go in and out of automatic doors wherever I find them. How dare they be more aware than I am!
    As for the apple or boxed candy, don't get me started.