Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baby's First Cavities

Audrey had her first cavities filled today. I've been dreading this since last month, when she had her first teeth cleaning in two years and we got the bad news that she had not one, but two cavities. We've been trying to prep her, but even the usually money social stories didn't seem to be working their magic. She had a particularly bad day yesterday, and was already digging in her heels last night about going. So I had to pull out the big guns...Baby Einstein DVD's.
I'm embarrassed to say that Audrey still loves these videos. I use them in only the most dire of emergencies -- blood draws, bone settings, Mom needing precisely 28 minutes curled up in the fetal position under her bed -- and now cavity fillings. On the (thankfully) rare occasions that I have to pull one of these out, I am taunted by the 3+ label on the case. That's months, not years people. Months. How old did she just turn?
We had one appointment this morning and another scheduled in two weeks, assuming that we were only able to get one cavity filled at a time. I didn't think that either she or I were going to be able to be dragged backed after today, so I was hellbent on a two-fer. And if watching a video of a disembodied hand putting shapes into a puzzle while a stuffed bear blows bubbles over spinning tops and floating candles gives us a better chance at success, who I am to stand on pride? And indeed, I am happy to report that both cavities got filled in one go.

The patient gets prepped. After our last appointment, we were sent home with a bubblegum-scented nozzle for her to practice breathing through. Very important because she was getting bubblegum-scented laughing gas through it.

Looking at this picture, I'm even more shocked that we made it through. If you could see her eyes, they were trained upwards on the video screen hanging from the ceiling.

I'll never understand why medical people think it's a good idea to walk you through every little thing. I'm pretty sure that she could have done without seeing herself looking like a cross between a circus clown and that tentacle-faced dude from Pirates of the Caribbean.


  1. Oh..that must have been just..I don't have words..I would have lost at least forty pounds in sweat alone. I am so not a fan of anything for baby Einstein-and the horrendous techno versions of Mozart that pushed me past the edge of reason? Hell my twelve year old still remembers them-wonders where I put them..I didn't put them anywhere..they were worn out! To this day-I still can't figure out the fascination with it. He tells me now that the colors and toys were good to look at-it relaxed him...

  2. I kind of understand why doctors walk us through everything. At least for me, I don't like surprises!!!

  3. oh the poor little precious thing!
    That would have sent me son completely over the edge!
    I'm glad I found your blog! I'm over frmo Jen's blog gems :)

  4. I believe that dental work is harder on the mama than on the kid. They should have laughing gas for us, too.

    Glad it's behind you!

    BlogGems #32

  5. I dread the day, well done you for holding it together. I might have to borrow your Baby Einstein DVD's........for me!! Thanks for joining in Blog Gems. Jen

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