Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bad Idea

Audrey started loving me up today, and I noticed that she had a weird smell on her breath and that her tongue was white. She had just come down from some unsupervised upstairs-time, and when I asked her what she had eaten she said, "Dry Idea". Nice.

Audrey is under the misapprehension that most toiletries are edible, and that there is a 50-50 chance that they are either buttercream frosting or bismarck custard. She hasn't figured out that I don't store tubes of pastry filling in my nightstand. Anymore.

The odd thing is that she totally doesn't recoil in horror at the taste. She has ingested hand lotion, liquid soap, sunscreen, and now anti-perspirant. I'm sure that it has to do with some kind of sensory confusion, where apparently the fact that the texture is a close facsimile to something savory is good enough for her. I, however, almost wretched just from the incidental taste I got off of her cheek. And I'm still have trouble manufacturing saliva.


  1. hahaa Tommy did that recently. Different circumstances though. He didnt want to go to school, dad told him to go brush teeth and put on his deodorant. Instead, he twisted the deodorant up about 4 inches and took a big BITE out of it! (degree sport lol) Maybe he thought he could kill 2 birds with one stone? hmm lol

  2. I know you are not a huge fan of the diet lol- but I have heard tales of kids like seeking out make-up and other toiletries when they're on the diet because their body is still craving the gluten that can be found in a lot of those things. Weird, right?

    Brian has ate a lot of weird things in his day...but the worst, most disgusting, vile thing he ever did was eat out of our old cat's litter box..and it wasn't exactly clean...I think I'm gonna go vomit now.