Friday, May 14, 2010

Dancing To a Different Drummer

Steve asked me if Audrey was the worst kid in the dance recital, and I thought, well...yeah, I suppose she was. But she was definitely the best (=only) autistic kid there. She kept drifting off of her "floor sticker" but only because she was concentrating so hard on imitating the teacher's moves. She tries so hard, and it's clear that she absolutely loves it. So we will definitely be signing on for another session. Unfortunately her sweetie-pie teacher Miss Louise will not be returning. I hope that she is replaced by someone as patient and accepting as she was. Lauren had Audrey write her a thank-you card in which she spelled her name Miss much better than the lame bouquets that the other suck-ups brought!

Starting out pretty well...just a beat or two behind.
Don't be laughing at me...I'd like to see you chasse your fat ass up here, Mom.
Finally something I can do with ease...with a glance over to my proud mama.
The grand finale...40 minutes in and getting a little tired and tangle-footed.


  1. Those videos are adorable! I love them. I never get to see the big picture because I'm always so focused on what Audrey is doing. She's one happy ballerina!

  2. Good job mom, Lauren and esp. Audrey, always the prettiest girl in the room
    Auntie B

  3. Love the videos - thanks for sharing. Audrey did AWESOME! - Beth

  4. good job Audrey ! You will be a great ballerina...I enjoyed it also very much when I was at your age...Hulya from Amsterdam

  5. I don't know about the great ballerina part Hulya, but she seems to love it and that's all that matters right now!