Friday, May 14, 2010

Down in the Mouth

I had my wisdom teeth out and have been laid out ever since. Unfortunately, Baby Mozart does not do the trick for me as far as dental work goes. I am so miserable. And because I am a total hypochondriac, I have had everything from a perforated sinus cavity to tetanus to the spinal-moanin'-Jesus in the past week. I'm flat on my back (so difficult to type in this position) and last night when I did a vigorous mouth rinse I swear Listerine came shooting out my nose and ears. Something is definitely not right up there. My oral surgeon is not returning my calls. I initialed about 50 things on a waiver before the procedure so I guess he figures his ass is covered.

I dragged my sorry butt to Audrey's ballet recital Wednesday night. I was staggering in and out of the room in a fevered haze, while Audrey drifted around the room in her usual haze. Between the two of us, I'm sure that we are in everyone's videos of their little darlings. Oh well, I thought that she did and video to come as soon as I work up the energy to find my camera.


  1. Are you better yet? I hope you feel better soon... I miss the daily posts!

  2. Slooooooooowly coming back to life. Just had my one week followup appt. Dr told me that if my jaw hurts after I eat, then I need to stop eating...whaaaaa? Thanks for missing me!

  3. So love the ballet videos. Audrey looks so precious.