Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 1 of Camp: Spirit Day

Audrey started a typical kids summer camp yesterday.  She's only going for week, so don't worry...I won't be counting up to day 62 a la the oil spill. 

She had to wear a team t-shirt and since I've been too cheap to invest in a Blackhawks Stanley Cup Championship shirt for her, she had to settle for a Wal-Mart clearance rack White Sox t-shirt (hey, they've been at .500 for all of one day!).

She's still not 100% healthy, but was surprisingly game to separate from me and embark on a new experience.  Maybe she's as sick of me as I am of her.  As always, she is accompanied by Lauren, which greatly eases her (and my) stress. 

Lauren said that she had a great time, and has already developed a crush on one of the hottie counselors, Grant.  The camp is supposed to be mostly outdoors, but it was pouring rain here yesterday so they were inside.  Pro:  She didn't have to endure the scorching heat which makes her totally wilt.  Con:  Games.  Lots and lots of games.  Involving balls.  Requiring motor skills.

I've asked Lauren to provide me with a daily note, which I have copied in below and added my comments to in pink:

40-50 school-aged kids in one crowded gym. Audrey barely has a voice, and I along with everyone else can hardly hear her.

First game:  four square.  With minimal prompting Audrey followed along running to different corners. By about the third game, Audrey and I were out and sitting with all the other losers (Get used to it sister...you have your mother's athletic ability). All of a sudden without saying anything she bolts off to join the game. She joined Grant, who was so fun that he had a whole group of kids running around with him, and Audrey followed right along with him and the rest of his fan club (three snaps in the air girl).

Next game:  knockout, requiring you make a basket.  Audrey had zero interest, knowledge, or skill to do so, but she stood through the whole long line to try. Again being as competitive as I am, I was trying to get her excited about knocking out the boy in front of her. So Audrey knocked on his back. Then after more explaining of the game and logic of knockout, it was her turn to shoot which was a struggle to say the least. I handed her the ball and again encouraged her to knock out the boy in front of her. This time she knocks on him with the ball... Guess she didn't understand this game. (In her defense, I'm not sure that I understand this game)

Then came dodgeball which I'm pretty sure we played for an hour. She ran around the court fitting in fine. Not totally into the game. She kicked a few balls and attempted to throw a few. She didn't pose too much of a threat to the other team. She only got pelted by a ball two or three times. (Lauren later informed me that Audrey would get distracted during dodgeball and start doing her ballet positions.  Hey, she takes ballet classes in the same building...seems reasonable to me.  I would really like to have the video of her getting clocked with a medicine ball while she is doing one of her wobbly arabesques.)

She never got bored or tired.  A few times she drifted away from me to Grant's team (Oh no you did not).  Absolutely awesome behavior. Just wish she has her voice for the rest of the week to make it all that more productive.

So far, so (kinda) good....we'll see what Day 2 brings.


  1. That's great! My daughter is going to a day camp beginning next week. I'm so nervous. She won't have a behaviorist, and it's a pretty physical camp: swimming, horseback riding, zip lining, and a lot of other stuff. It's scary for me. I'm sure she'll love it, and she's with a group of friends, so I'm hoping it'll go well. I just turned in her health form last week (where I slip in that she's high-functioning autistic). I'm waiting for the phone call...

  2. I'm so glad she had a great day. And I was right, your yesterday storms became my wake up in the middle of the night storm!

    By the way, motor skills? what's that? We ain't got 'em! gross, fine, planning... nope!

    I'm so glad you mentioned the heat that makes Audrey wilty. I had the wiltiest kid in town yesterday afternoon. Massive tantrums, exhaustion, big, big tears. It wasn't pretty.

    Hope you continue to get good reports. Actually, I really hope we both do :)

  3. Sounds like Audrey had a great first day at camp!! Hey and what's wrong with a good deal on a team shirt?

  4. Stopping by from SITS. I hate dodgeball, too. I would have gone out for a grilled cheese. Your Audrey sounds like a sweetie.