Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 2: Mini-Golfers Gone Wild

No note from Lauren on yesterday's camp.  She was too exhausted from practically having to take it over from the lame counselors who are supposed to be running the show.  Grant and Andrew have gone from studs to slugs in just 24 hours.  It was mini-golf day and they apparently were too busy competing against each other to pay any attention to what the campers were up to.  They were horsing around and putting on some phony accents (which according to Lauren's imitation could have been Scottish, Indian, or Australian), that were so obnoxious the kids were telling them that they were being annoying.  Unless the camp t-shirts cost them $99, I'm not sure that I'm going to get my money's worth out of this camp.


  1. today was the bird's second day. Not as good as the first. Tantrums, kicking, lots of "NO!"

    As soon as we got home, she pooped. Man, I wish she could just tell us things like, "my tummy hurts" or "I think I have to poop, but I have some poop issues and I'll only do it at home. standing in front of the computer, in my pants." Sigh. I called the shadow to tell her. I think she felt a lot better knowing there was a reason and what it was. I think we all do.

  2. Think of it as a youth theater camp. I can't wait to hear about Audrey's renditions of the accents. Mindi :)