Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 3: Mr. Jason the Jugular

Lauren's note on Day 3 of summer camp:

It was Audrey's lucky day.  A girl comes up to Audrey and tells her that she likes to pirouette or soubresaut, and I don't know if this is the right word because I didn't Google it (meaning that she totally Googled it because that is exactly how it is spelled) in order to dodge the balls. So now there are two ballerinas strutting their stuff in the middle of an intense dodgeball game. Audrey was happy to have a friend, embracing her with a hug, and saying something along the lines of "now your friends are taking turns to do ballet."  Macho man Grant protected them from getting smashed in the face with a ball and off they danced.

Then a juggler, or as Audrey called him, a jugular (that was my handiwork, along with Audrey calling Lauren "Lorraine" for the entire day) came to perform.  Audrey sat on the floor with all the other campers like a little angel. She followed right along, raising her hand to show that yes she does watch America's Got Talent and American Idol too. Which I'm pretty sure she's never heard of.  (No, we don't watch those low-rent Gong Shows in our household...but she may be giving Grant a rose at the end of the week in the Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever)

After the show Mr. Jason let the kids try a few tricks. One involved a peacock feather and one involved two scarves. Audrey loved the feather...I didn't tell Mr. Jason that she broke it (Smart move, I don't need to get on the bad side of someone making a living juggling at summer camps).  I was happy to let her run around with the scarves, but Grant asked her to try the tricks. So Audrey tried to throw and catch the scarves per Grant's suggestion.  She seemed to enjoy the juggling show so maybe you did get your money's worth after all Lynn (Not unless he was handing out $50's).


  1. It sounds like Audrey's having a blast at camp at making friends too! Awesome!

  2. I love these camp posts. Do we get to see a picture of Grant? - Beth

  3. I second beth's request for a pic of the dreamy Grant.
    BTW you had me at low-rent gong shows. I can't stand those talent shows. I need substance.
    I'm so glad Audrey had another good day!!

    But what happens after this week?

  4. I love these too, especially the pink side notes!! LMAO!!!

  5. I have a picture of Grant in my possession. He will make his debut tomorrow, but I think he was slightly oversold by Lauren.

    Beth: Don't tell Joe, but I think Lauren got herself a little dolled this morning. Clean hair and extra-glossy lips.

    Reener: Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Today during attendance, when all the kids are suppose to be silent, Audrey blurts out, more loudly than normal, "Where's Lorraine?"

    Thanks Lynn..

  7. Can you blame a girl for showering, Lynn!?! Weekly ritual, you know that!

  8. What a great looking camp! She looks very happy & relaxed there on the floor.

  9. How fun! Love the pics! And welcome to TMC!!!