Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 4: The Amazing (-ly Confusing) Race

Yesterday's camp schedule said the kids would be going on an Amazing Race through our quaint little downtown.  I didn't know what that meant exactly, but I know that races and Audrey do not go together.  There was even  this disturbing little visual on the calendar...

...implying some kind of relay race.  I figured it would be another day of Audrey doing ballet moves by the side of the road oblivious to someone trying to shove a baton at her.

Turned out that it was more of a scavenger hunt.  The teams were supposed to go around town photographing themselves in front of things beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  So that could have been something up Audrey's alley.  She's all about letters and words and taking pictures of inanimate objects (see a display of her photographic skills here).

Except that Grant and Andrew decided to get all abstract and creative, to the point where even the typical kids had absolutely no clue what was going on.  So instead of taking a picture of them in front of the ice cream parlor for the letter I, they made them go behind some barred window in the parking garage and pretend to be....incarcerated.  I really hope for the kids' sakes that none of them knows what this word means, and if they do it's from Dad watching too much Dog the Bounty Hunter rather than Dad having personal knowledge of it.

Then they posed in front of a fitness center with all of them flexing their muscles for the camera.  Now what letter would you guess this was for?  If you said F for fitness or M for Muscles, you are clearly not inside the mind of the meathead frat boys running this camp.  No, this was for the letter J.  For Juice.   

By the end, they had disrupted a church (A for Amen, and C for Choir), posed in front of a dumpster (G for Garbage), as well as poop (F for Flypoop because they already had their P word).  Then they all went back to base camp where no one reviewed their findings and no one was pronounced a winner.  The Amazing Race is neither amazing nor a race.  Discuss.

Coming tomorrow....the last day of camp including photos of the fabulous Grant.


  1. Sounds like fun! I found you on the Mom Loop Friday. Have a great weekend. Your daughter is a doll!

  2. That's crazy! Lauren and her sisters could have made an amazing and age appropriate scavenger hunt...sounds like even the kids might have done better! :) Mindi

  3. Your writing totally cracks me up! What funny little vignettes about day camp! I am excited to read tomorrows....The picture for "juice" is ridiculous!! LOL.

  4. That sounded like a fun activity, but kinda bad in execution! That's so funny that your daughter likes to take pictures of inanimate objects! So does my daughter! When I asked her why, she said that she finds them more interesting that people. Great!

  5. What a great activity...i never had the chance to go to camp and i cannot wait tell my son is old enough. Love the picture of her...such a cutie!
    following you from the mom loop.

  6. That is hilarious. And odd.

    Following from Mom loop.

  7. oh come on! I've gotta wait til tomorrow to see this mysterious Grant??!

    **Good day at camp for us!

  8. So funny. And what a fun summer camp. My kids love to take pictures.

    I found you through Mom Loop.

  9. Wow. Love the "juice" picture...clearly "f" had to be for "flypoop" and not just "fly."