Monday, June 21, 2010

Destruction of the Grotto

That was Audrey's latest text message sent to another one of her therapists.

"Destruction of the grotto"

What in the world? I can usually navigate the labyrinth of Audrey's mind and trace back her left-field references to their origins. But this one I could not figure out.

Grotto, grotto, grotto. I thought about it so hard that I had that thing happen where it stops sounding like a word and just becomes a sound. What a strange word. You could probably count on one hand the times in your life when you would ever utter it:

1) You are attending a party at Hef's Playboy Mansion.
Use in a sentence: "Hey Pauly Shore, wanna check out the grotto?"
Probability of saying this sentence: -100%

2) You are visiting the isle of Capri off of the Amalfi Coast of Italy.
Use in a sentence: "I feel like being gouged today. Let's spend $100 on a 10 second boat ride through the Blue Grotto."
Probability of saying sentence: 50%; unless you are wearing the island's namesake pants and big white walking shoes, then 100%

3) You have a taste for steak and live in the western suburbs of Chicago.
Use in a sentence: "What about The Grotto? Of course, it's right by Lynn's house and God forbid we run into her. She is insufferable."
Probability of saying this sentence: You tell me, "friend".

Clearly, I am over-thinking this when the answer was right there in my hands. Audrey was texting from my iPhone, on which I've loaded a bunch of her music. Anybody know the answer to this riddle before I divulge? Wait for it...

"Destruction of the Grotto" is the name of a song from The Little Mermaid soundtrack. It is played in the movie when her mer-man father gets all mad at her for loving a landlubber. He proceeds to destroy her grotto. And after all of my perseveration over the word "grotto", the song is an instrumental.


  1. hmmm... who's perseverating now??!! :)

  2. She sounds so smart! It's too bad our girls live far apart. They'd get along great!

  3. Ahh...that clears up the confusion from yesterday. I had to read that text twice...I initially thought she was out destroying a ghetto!

  4. Hi there. Just stopping by to say THANKS for visiting me on my sits day and making me feel special!

  5. I was thinking the bear grottos at the that Bear Wilderness is open, I was guessing Audrey heard about plans to destroy the old bear grottos. :)

  6. HA...imagine my perseveration if she had written "ghetto" instead!

    I hadn't considered the bear grottos at the zoo...good one!

  7. Well I was definitely concerned if she was writing ghetto. Working with 8th graders, I find that word slipping in my voacabulary more than I thought possible. I was hoping I didn't say it in front of her!

  8. I couldn't get over a 6 yo texting all of those words together for any reason. Lucky for the word Grotto, it doesn't get anywhere near enough play.

    Me again from SITS, you were the comment ahead of me at the guest blog and the host blog. That's never happened to me before.