Monday, June 14, 2010

The Evolution of Autexting

Way back in April, I blogged about Audrey's love of texting from my iPhone. At that time, she was pretty much just listing people's names and hadn't figured out the space bar. But a little more than two months later, she's come quite a long way.

This series of texts tells the story of her going to a piano lesson. Her teacher is Irine and there is a retention pond outside of the church where she takes lessons that sometimes has ducks or geese in it. The "waterfall" is a storm water drain that runs into the pond after a lot of rain. Also, one of my mother's neighbors has a small waterfall in his front yard, and that is the "noni" reference.

I'm impressed with her use of apostrophes, and the texting shorthand "u". And here in Chicago we really do say the word "suppose" like it has one syllable, so I'm loving her spelling of it. Reading it all the way through like this, it kind of sounds like beatnik poetry. I'm not sure what purpose it serves to her. She still doesn't understand the back and forth. I didn't even bother inserting Lauren's responses to her because they go largely ignored. She seems to be just yakking about the highlights of her day and sending it out into the ether. Like mother, like daughter I guess...

There was a waterfall and there was lots of geese and there was lots of ducks outside not in there was not lots of ducks in the pond because it's raining

outside then we have to go home

There was just a little water fall

There was not lots of geese and there was not lots of ducks

We are not spost to go outside

Because it raining outside we have to go inside tho

There was just small water fall

There was not lots of geese or ducks

Inside not outside

But you have to go in tho

And play a song on the piano

But you have to go in and play u song on the piano tho

We are not spossed to go out

There was just a small water fall in next to the rocks at noni

Irine Poulakis I see a lake in here


  1. I believe yesterday was Audrey's last day of school. She recapped this for me with the following text messages:

    Sarah is not spossed to be crying or a yellow shirt


    Hi Sarah

    Hi Matt


    Eric we are not spossed to do five little ducks

    Or spooky yourk

    [then she continued with the class list of teachers and students]

    He like s to pay attion

    To jack [I'll assume that's a teacher]

    *Names were changed for privacy...

    It's always exciting having an inbox full of text messages when I check my phone!!

  2. Audrey informed me that Sarah was wearing a yellow shirt, so I'm wondering if that was supposed to say "on a yellow shirt" instead of "or a yellow shirt". I guess that would make just ever so slightly more sense.

    No idea what "spooky yourk" is, except it is something that Eric is not supposed to do on youtube.

    I think I need to add a Text of the Day feature!