Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hat & Sunglasses Day

It's the last week of school, so every day has a theme. So far Audrey has worn pajamas, her favorite color, her favorite sports team garb, and today was hat and sunglasses day.

I've tried many times, but have never gotten Audrey to wear a pair of sunglasses. I've always felt that she was kind of averse to bright sunlight and that she might actually like sunglasses. But whatever benefit she might get in terms of reduced visual input, is apparently negated by the annoyance of having something stuck on her ears, nose, and face.

Anyway, I figured that Hat & Sunglasses Day would have to be reduced to Hat Day, and even that would probably be more like Hat Hour Tops. But there must be something about having an official "day" on the calendar that made her feel that noncompliance was not an option. She put on the sunglasses like nothing. And her daily note said that she kept both the hat and sunglasses on for the entire day.

So I'm declaring tomorrow to be the official No Whining Day or maybe Make Your Father Happy and Eat a Pile of Collard Greens Day. No screw about Let Your Mother Sleep In Day.

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