Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Am Stuck on Band-Aids

Audrey is obsessed with band-aids, and insists on having one for any little nick on her skin. And I don't even have the kid-friendly ones with the superheroes/cartoon characters/latest Disney tie-in on them. It takes an intervention to get them off of her, and by that time they are a dirty, congealed mess of flesh-colored goo.

I'm not sure what the one in the picture is for. She either thinks that she has a sore in her mouth or it's to heal the "broken voice". Probably the former because I have a feeling that she would start swallowing them if she was aiming for the laryngitis. She is still feelin' voice, no appetite, no energy, no bath. Hey toots, the Sleeping Beauty nightgown was cute the first 3 days...


  1. For some reason kids seem to like being plastered with bandaids. When my son was about your daughter's age he had a t-shirt. And on this white t-shirt was a picture of Pele, his favorite soccer star. He did not take it off for days - he slept in it- sneaky mommy couldn't grab it for overnight washing.
    Then came the day that his floor was littered with clothing because he "had nothing to wear".
    Wait a few years and all of the contents of Audrey's closet will be on the floor until she decides what to wear. Audrey has a winning smile and looks kinda cute with the butterfly bandaid.

  2. I finally was able to peel the Sleeping Beauty nightgown off of her and get her in the bath.

    She is just starting to get opinionated about what she wants to wear...I'm not liking it one little bit.

  3. I have two (grown) daughters. Get used to it. Later she'll say "Mom, I have nothing to wear. We have to go shopping".

  4. My daughter had a Band-Aid obsession too. She got older and then wanted Ace bandages! Ha!