Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What is a meme?

I've been tagged for a meme, and I'm not sure what that is.  I should make that my first question.  I normally ignore these things, but I've been tagged by the fabulous Dani G in her bomb-diggety blog I'm Just That Way and That's Just Me.  Dani and I have agreed that the root of our problems may just be that we always hit the delete button when we receive stuff like this, even though it often says right there in black and white that your life will go to hell in a hand basket if you do.

So let's see if this changes my luck.  I'm going to answer her 8 questions, and then come up with 8 more to tag other people with...

1) Last piece of music you bought/downloaded (legally or illegally)?
"Plundered My Soul" by the Rolling Stones from the Exile on Main Street reissue.  I'm old.

2) Never go to bed angry? Or too tired for that and we'll deal with it later?
Always go to bed angry.  It's really not that bad.

3) Have you turned into your mother yet? Truth.
Yes.  We are both balls of stress and laugh at really inappropriate things.

4) If you could go back in time to high school, would you? I would.
No way.  But I would like to have my senior year body back.

5) What did you eat for breakfast this morning? I had a bowl of cereal. Two parts Fiber One, one part Cap'n Crunch Crunchberries. So what?
Oatmeal and banana. 

6) Do you secretly like the songs in the Backyardigans? Yes you do.
Great Caesar's ghost!  I do.  Too bad Audrey doesn't.

7) Do you ever lie and say you think your friends kids are cute? What? No, no me neither. Every child is a gift (blah blah blah).
To their face or behind their backs?  I make it a policy never to complement people on their neurotypical kids.  They already have everything going their way.  Just kidding.  Sorta.

8) Desert island: husband, best friend, or Edward Cullen? Yeah, me too.
You mean Bill Cullen, the game show host?  I'd totally hit that.  Did I say yet that I'm old?

And here are my questions:
1) Joran van der Sloot:  cold-blooded serial-killer or misunderstood guy who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?  A lot.

2) What was your first concert?  Elton John's 1975 Caribou Tour?  Me too!

3) How many hours a day is the TV on in your house? Stop lying.

4) Do you work out regularly?  Walking to your mailbox in Shape-Ups doesn't count.

5) Word association.  I say "Nancy Grace", you say...

6) Letterman or Leno?

7) Where were you living in 1995?  Amsterdam y'all!  Just wanted to show off.

Optional #8 (don't answer if you don't want to have the word "porn" on your blog)
What is your porn name doing the childhood pet/street you grew up on trick? Mine is Scruffy 124th Street. Sexy time!

OK, I'm going to tag people, but they totally do not have to do it.  Especially since their blogs are a lot nicer than mine and I'm sure that they don't want to be dragged down to my level.  I promise that there will not be a pox on your house if you don't:

Cheryl D.
Funky Mama Bird
Grandmother Crone

I'd like to see my non-blogging friends responses to these too.  If you pass this along to 25 other people, something good will not happen to you before the end of the day today.  I promise.


  1. Amazing. you made me laugh out loud, which I needed today!!
    First of all, Dani G's got a bomb-diggety blog? Awww shucks! Thanks! Also, I just referred to myself in the 3rd person. Word.

    Imma answer your questions even though I wasn't tagged, since I originally tagged you...
    1- Van der Sloot is dutch for douche. Fact.
    2- you know how some people say they're army brats? well, I was a music biz/rock n roll brat. The first show I remember was prob Springsteen. I was 6. It was the Born in the USA tour.
    3- TV: 1.5 morning, 1.5 making dinner/forcing the kid to eat it
    4- hit the gym at least 2 times a week. My trainer is cute.
    5- Nancy Grace... what the fuck is she screaming about all the time?
    6- Letterman
    7- Living in LA in '95. That's the year I graduated high school. You hate me?
    8- Swopey Redwing!!

  2. Love Dani's answer to #1!! Gold!

    Nancy Grace has cloven hooves.. just like Leno.

    1995? A little Antigonish Nova Scotia and a little bit Grateful Dead tour. I was so cool.

    I'm legally changing my name to Pixie Brewster.

  3. "The Adventures of Pixie Brewster and Swopey Redwing" Get on that screenplay.
    Why does that work so well? If I went with the house we moved to when I was 10, I'd be Scruffy Arapaho. Too racially charged? My brother would be Woody Arapaho which is so perfect for a man.

    And yes, Dani, I do hate you.

  4. These are GREAT! I never do memes and did one as well.

    My porn name is Smokey Joe May. HA!

  5. I don't care how I go to bed as long as I get there. And I'd go back to high school in a minute if I got to know everything I know now. I'd be awesome then. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for dragging me down! LOL! My porn name is Princess Worster! I don't think many people are going to hire me with that name! LOL!

  7. I think the number of people who understand MEME's equals the number of people who need explanantion. : )

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