Monday, July 5, 2010

All About the Benjamin

I was going to say that the 4th of July is a particularly difficult holiday to explain to Audrey, but aren't they all?  Leprechauns, skeletons, giant bunnies, elves, witches, ghosts, and a bearded fat man dressed like Huggy Bear.

And just when I thought that I wasn't going to have to explain a crazily-costumed character, here comes an old guy dressed in black buckled boots and a fancy waistcoat bringing up the rear of our town's parade that was not Santa Claus but a Benjamin Franklin impersonator.  I'm not even going to try to explain who he is.  I'll pretend like it's because Audrey wouldn't understand, but it's mainly because I don't remember much of my history.  Something about a kite and a key and a $100 bill.

I can only hope that American history becomes one of Audrey's obsessions someday, as it does for many autistic middle-schoolers that can list all of the presidents in order and recite the Declaration of Independence by heart, so that she can refresh my memory about what the fireworks and mattress sales are all about.


  1. Hi Lynn, came across your blog via mommy to two boys!

    I hate getting caught out on history questions etc from my 10 yo boy (PDD-NOS) and he asks a lot of questions! He's quite funny too ...just like your Audrey!

    xx Jazzy

  2. LOL Corbin, my older "typical" child, asks questions all day long and he just loves to learn. Sometimes I don't know the answers and he LOVES it when I don't because he can then taunt me with "See you don't know everything!" What a little brat he is sometimes ;)

  3. I don't know how I'm going to go about explaining "regular" holidays. Benjamin Franklin? Um. Yeah.

  4. I bet she'll love history later! After my daughter went to kindergarten for a week, she started reciting the preamble to the Constitution. It turned out older kids recited it during a school assembly, and she picked it up! LOL!

  5. Haha- I'd have a hard time explaining Benjamin Franklin too (love your post title by the way)!