Monday, July 12, 2010

Audrey's Kisses

So a while back when I was tagged for a meme (still not sure), I brought up the old game where you take your childhood pet's name and street that you grew up on to come up with your porn name.  And some of you out there really ought to consider a career change based on the names alone.

Anyway, I thought about what Audrey's name would be when she grows up and plays this game.  But because it would just be wrong to link Audrey and porn in the same thought, I'm going to instead call it her 1940's-film-noir-gangster-moll name.  Because that's really more what it sounds like.  She would talk in that clipped staccato way that they all do in those movies, see?  She'd be a hotsy-totsy dame hanging out at the gin mill with gams up to her neck, using obsolete words like...well, every word in this sentence.

"Swopey Redwing told me you been makin' time with that tramp Pixie Brewster."
"Don't flip your wig, doll.  They're all wet.  I only got eyes for you."
"Why don't you take a powder?  Kisses Rubino ain't nobody's fool!

HA!  Kisses Rubino.  That will be Audrey's pet/street name.  So awesome.  I'm going to get to work on the screenplay...


  1. Kisses Rubino is the perfect film noir name. I love it. Mine is a bit of an oxy moron: Fluffy Granite.

  2. That is classic. It's the perfect gangster lady name. My would be Scruffy Sweet - not nearly as good as Audrey's name!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Little Bird would be Sugar Magnolia Burtonwood. Awesome!!

    Swopey Redwing

  4. Love it, from Tigger Clavel!

  5. LOL! How funny! My daughter would be Blue Torreon. She has no chance!

  6. I LOVE kisses Rubino! Mine would be Fluffy Elm...not exactly racy. Unless I'm a chipper eco-terrorist!

    xo Susie

  7. Pixie Brewster! That's ME!!!