Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dancin' in the Park: We Like Chips With Our Shake

Every Tuesday night during the summer, our little town has concerts in the park.  Last week, a children's band was featured, and since we hadn't been to one this season I thought that this would be the one to check out. 

Well, they were kinda terrible.  Audrey loves music and loves to dance, but this band was constantly stopping the music asking for audience participation.  I swear we were listening to them scream annoying questions at the audience more than we were hearing music.

"March march march march march, marching like a........?  C'mon!  Just yell it out!  Let's hear ya!  It could be anything!  Like a chicken!  Or a horse!  Or a soldier!"

I felt like a drunk in the lawn seats at Alpine Valley, "Shut up and plaayyyyyyyy!" 

The special needs arm of our park district takes a group of disabled adults to these concerts, and we always sit by our peeps for the show.  We like to be amongst our own and sometimes we even know some of the aids.  Anyway, no matter what the question, one of the guys behind us would repeatedly yell out at the top of his lungs, "BAG OF POTATO CHIPS!".  Which I thought was the most awesome thing because the singer did not know what to do with this. 

They started singing "The Wheels on the Bus":
"Who else is on the bus?  C'mon!"

I wanted to yell out "Free Bird", but I knew that they'd just take it as a suggestion.  "The free bird on the bus goes tweet, tweet, tweet, all through the town."  So I jumped on the potato chip bandwagon.

We love our peeps. 

Coming tomorrow, Part II:   The Hokey Pokey, the ultimate party song or a kid-with-no-body-awareness' worst nightmare?


  1. LMAO! "FREE BIRD"......

    Loved that you chimmed in with the "POTATOOOOOO CHIIIIIPPSSSS!"

    "The Potato Chips on the bus go munch munch munch..."

    How hard can it be?

  2. "play some skynyyyyyyrd!"

    Sometimes it feels good to belong

  3. That's awesome! I hate free concerts that feature sucky performers.

  4. When you go to a concert (even free!) you hope to hear good music! And I think potato chips is a perfectly reasonable suggestion. Seriously. I agree with Reener's comment...how hard could it be to just add potato chips to a song?

  5. I know...so lame. I was just reading an article yesterday in News of the Obvious that most people generally "don’t interact with and are generally unaware of the issues facing people with disabilities". Our potato-chip-loving friend was about 250 pounds and of course looked and acted outside of the "norm". The band probably thought he was gonna rush the stage. I would have been right there with him if he had.

  6. LAYLA!

    ps. nice guitar, though.

  7. We're going to a free kid's concert at our local park tomorrow, and I already know what's going to be going through my head - "Bag of Potato Chips!" That seriously just made my day!

  8. My echolalic son would have loved that! We would be hearing bag of potato chips for a week!

  9. So nice to meet you - thanks for stopping by my blog!

    My husband sings, "The Byrds on the bus go 'Turn, Turn, Turn'..."