Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meet the Therapists: Raven

Raven is another therapist on our home ABA team along with Lauren.  She has also been with us for the duration of our just over two year old program.  Unlike Lauren, who our consultant brought to the team, Raven came to us via a craigslist ad.  That's right, when it came to curing my daughter's autism I turned to the same place that I do to bogart free moving boxes.  Only the best for my gal!

Raven wrote me a very nice long email in response to my ad.  She had a wealth of experience with autism, and I was psyched to bring a little diversity to the team.  Because of course I assumed that Raven would look something like this:

Well, not exactly like that.  C'mon, give me some credit.  I thought she would look like this: 

So imagine my surprise when Raven showed up for an interview looking like this: 

What?  I'd been had!  What kind of a person is named Raven and is NOT African-American?  I felt like Estelle Costanza on Seinfeld when she found out that Donna Chang wasn't Chinese. 

Turns out that Raven was born around Halloween and has some kind of a Wiccan priestess for a mother...she has a sister named Pagen, which is pronounced "pagan".  Contrary to what this upbringing might indicate, Raven is a Christian, church-going gal just like Lauren.  She has nephews on the autism spectrum, has worked an overnight shift in a group home, and teaches 8th graders.  So I caved in to The Man and hired the honky.  And despite her race, Raven has been a great asset to our team.  With her resume, suffice to say that there is nothing that Audrey could ever do to shock her.

And when Audrey's new transportation service started in June and they told me that there would be an aid in the van named Ebony...well, I just couldn't assume anymore, could I?  I told Raven that maybe she wasn't alone in the white-woman-with-a-black-name world.  After I met Ebony for the first time, I couldn't wait to grab my cell phone and text Raven. 

"Nope.  Still just you."


  1. Someone I know had a baby girl a few months ago and named her Raven. And yes, she's white. =)

  2. Hi, I found you from my freind at little bit quirky. Love this post very funny, I'd be careful tho, her family might just be looking for some fresh blood.

    I'm a new follower, like your style. My oldest son has AS and we moms with kids on the spectrum can be a little bits nuts. I think he gets it from me...but dont tell my husband that.

  3. Haha! So funny you are! That Donna Chang thing too...Hilarious!

  4. Ooh, my bloggy friends are discovering each other! I kinda feel like I'm setting people up on blind dates, but it's almost a sure thing since they both like me, how could they NOT like each other, right?

    Great post, Lynn! I can't believe Raven has a sister named Pagan! I'm not that religious myself, but I'd hate to go through life with a name like that. Raven must feel lucky! LOL

  5. This post was cracking me up. You really can find anything and anyone you want on Craigslist! It's a great tribute to an awesome member of your team.

  6. you are hilarious
    and looks like you got some diversity
    it was the "of thought " kind

  7. Have you ever heard the Dar Williams song "Christians and Pagans"?

    Yeah, that's in my head now.

  8. "So I caved in to The Man and hired the honky."


    Well we all know what happens when we ASSuME! Don't worry it happens to the best of us! Life lessons. I learn one or two everyday!

    At least you're big enough to admit it! Kudos!

  9. oh my this is hilarious. i actually have been in this situation too and one of our aides for my son was white but had a totally african sounding name ending in -eisha and I was very confused as to why her parents would name her that. maybe its an autism aide with a an african name thing/ IDK but odd coincidence.

  10. And I can just imagine how wonderful a therapist Raven, the Cosby show one, would have been.