Thursday, July 22, 2010

Miss Betty's Kitchen

Audrey's latest YouTube obsession is a strange one.  We've gone from every single version of "Twinkle, Twinkle" and "Five Little Ducks" (the Japanese ones are my favorite) to cooking shows.  Her favorite is Betty's Kitchen.  Miss Betty is a southern belle with a honey-dripping accent who whips up dishes for church potlucks and her grandson Carter. 
Audrey likes to watch the ones where Betty is making White Chocolate Blondies and Skillet Fudge, but her all-time favorite is the Friendship Fruit Dip recipe (not to be confused with the Quickie Fruit Dip recipe).  I think both Audrey and I know that one by heart.  See the 2,115 views?  Audrey can claim at least half of those.  Somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon line, Betty is wondering who her new fan is that can't get enough fruit dip.

Betty has a firm grasp of the obvious...
"I'm using reconstituted lemon juice, but if I had fresh lemons I would squeeze some of that in here."
"I used a knife to cut the brownies into a grid shape."
 ...I don't know if it's that or the accent, but she is strangely soothing to the point of being almost hypnotizing. 

Whenever Audrey watches something this many times, you can set your watch to when she'll start working some of the lines into her "conversations".  So here she was this morning, my hand to God, making just like Miss Betty:
"Welcome to Audrey's kitchen.  Today we're making cereal.  You poooooouuuuurrrrr the milk into the bowl.  Then we're going to add cereal."
Next time, I'll try to catch it on video so that I can post it to YouTube and give Miss Betty a run for her money.


  1. That is SOO cute!! Audrey makes me smile :)

    I can see some good pretend kitchen play coming from this...

  2. That is too funny! Thanks for the Thursday morning laugh!

    My daughter loves to watch any video she comes across. I have to be really careful about that! LOL!

  3. You think that's an accent? LOL That's just gentility.

    And it is the law of good southern baptists to have at least one recipe for fruit dip.

    Me, being neither southern nor baptist find living down here all very amusing and have had some of the best food in my life down here. But NOT fruit dip.

    As for youtube videos, we spend a lot of time watching videos of escalators. WHO takes video of escalators?

  4. This is hilarious! Maybe Audrey will become a master chef from watching Miss Betty? Either way, what does fruit dip taste like?

  5. I have to see that!!! Hey, maybe this is her calling....."Cooking with Audrey"...I can see it now on Food Network!

  6. Fantastic! I would love to hear and see that, please get that on video, and maybe You Tube too! Better yet, petition to get her on with Miss Betty!

  7. j* gets the gold star for actually looking up this video and watching some of it. The fruit dip one is over 6 minutes long, but some are more than twice that. I could have posted the video but didn't want anyone to think that watching was required...way to get extra credit j!!

    For all the pomp and circumstance, fruit dip is basically cream cheese and Cool Whip mixed together. Then you dip whatever fruit you want into it. Miss Betty chose pineapples and blueberries "for the color". Must be a southern thing...

  8. Oh. You gotta sneak and get some video of that. So funny.

  9. did the cereal and milk turn out?!! That is so cute!

  10. oh my
    Audrey issoooooo clever
    I love the way she quickly translated it into her story