Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Pirouette, A Plie, and a Dollop of a Frallop

Is there anywhere that Audrey will not bust out her ballet moves? No there is not. 

Audrey likes to prance, and her style is so special that I've invented a new word for it. She frallops, which is a cross between a frolic and a gallop. Sometimes she does it in place and it looks a little bit like the old "running man" dance. Hammer time! Unfortunately, I've not been able to capture that on video. Whenever I try to, she stops dancing and runs at me like Sean Penn at the paparazzi. It's almost as if she thinks that I'm going to embarrass her by posting the video of her on the internet for the whole world to see.


  1. If she can do that in the pool it becomes water ballet! And she looks like any other typical cute kid out there : ) . When mine busts a move his actions would look just fine if he had a puppet on his hand. Just picture that a second, without the puppet.

  2. How sweet is she! Georgia also likes to do the running man. She gets so into it that she has to hold on to our coffee table. You'll have to get stealthy about taping her - maybe set it up ahead of time?

  3. Oooh..Ballet! Audrey is speakin' my language! is a Universal language after all;-)

    She is seriously cute....wish she could come to my Summer Camp! A future Prima Ballerina in the making!

    Oh, and I wanna see a Frallop!

    xx Jazzy

  4. @j*: I think I've got the picture. Audrey knows that move too.
    @cooperl788: I'm working on a hidden camera built into the mirror where she always watches herself dance.
    @jazzgal: You would love her. She has limited ability (not great coordination, balance, body awareness, you name it) but LOVES LOVES LOVES to dance.

  5. Well, I'm reading the book and it's great, can't wait until the movie comes out.