Friday, July 30, 2010

The Ultimate Super Duper Quadruple Special Dispensation to the Power of Infinity...

...that's what you get if you have multiple children with special needs. 

I had to share a response that I received to my last post from the mother of Audrey's most beloved classmate, Grace Anne:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, for expressing my sentiments so well. UUHHG! Bus company staff! WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE? I have to send my kids off in the morning in two different directions to two different Autism Schools. Although there are many things I hate about that statement, I really HATE that their commute is an hour, and that that hour (10 hours a week per kid, mind you) is spent with strangers, some stranger than others! We had a transportation aide who was clearly a crack addict(which is what I call anyone who is over-medicated with pain killers and then goes to work with children as if they were stocking canned pears at Jewel.) Then, there was the bus staff who would ask Grace Anne to dance, and take pictures of her with her cell phone! (I searched for it on You-Tube every night!) And according to her teacher, that same bus driver dropped off a box of Maxim magazines to "donate" to the school. That's messed up. Finally, there was the driver who would lay on her horn as soon as she pulled up to my house at 8am. As if the cavalry of short yellow buses didn't draw enough attention to our house in the morning.
So in each of these cases, I called the bus company and told them that the staff that was transporting my child was not an appropriate role model for my child and I would be driving them to school until they could find a suitable replacement. Adding that after one week, I will be formally requesting mileage reimbursement. Got the school to corroborate by reporting any inappropriate behavior they witnessed IN WRITING, and they were replaced immediately! Some of these drivers/aides are the people that later, in the distant future, we will NOT be surprised to find out that they are not from here. And when I say HERE, or course, I mean Earth.
Thanks for the daily dose of validation that "it's not me, it's everyone else."

Another member of the Autism Army, fighting tooth and nail for her kids every single day.  Thanks Aimee!


  1. Go Aimee! When I taught special ed, we had some real doozies for bus drivers. What is it with that job? Sometimes I feel like they advertise for that job in the WRONG places, because the drivers are always a little... off. My "favorite" driver was the one who refused to pick my class up early on the Early Dismissal days. It was "too inconvenient" to come at 1P, so we had to wait with our kids for weeks until we had enough documentation to get a new driver.

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  3. Way to go, Aimee! The only people who are REALLY going to fight for their kids are the parents! Hoping our bus driver is better this year...fingers crossed, fingers crossed...

  4. That was awesome!

    I had a really hard time putting my son on the bus.

    I drove that Deaf kid to school, 100 miles a day, for almost two years.. and got reimbursed for it.

    Then got an aide who was fluent in ASL to accompany him.

  5. oh my! 2 of my kids to go to one school in one district and they ride the bus. they always have bus stories to tell too and yes they are all psycho except one lady who was very nice and bought them xmas gifts. But teh rest--weirdos!

    my autistic son...well he goes to another school and in another district but I drive him everyday and it takes me an hour everyday both ways but seriously I can not allow these ppl to watch him. he is very impulsive and I fear he may jump out of the windows or out the back door etc. he can't ride the bus imo.

  6. We almost had the same situation, but my son (classic autism) couldn't cope at school at all.
    I was told by the municipality/council worker that she would bring me to court when I wouldn't do what she said and send my son to a school 90 minutes from here.
    Without car it would cost me hours to go to that school in case of an emergency, let alone the parent's evenings.
    I had to ask a social worker to step in and explain things to that woman. That helped.

    I hear the same stories about transport of autistic children as I find on your blog.

    Our children deserve the best, not the worst.

  7. "And when I say HERE, or course, I mean Earth. "

    HAHAHAHAH I just found your blog... lovely! And my case manager wondered why we wouldn't let them bus our 3 yr old non-verbal son to preschool. What planet do they live on!?