Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I've included my submissions...got any better ones?  Keep it clean!

Ew.  Is that really where all this water comes from?

Mama, why is that lady who broke up
the Beatles haunting the splash pad?


  1. i LOVE that sculpture and your lil girl's quote

  2. The chicago magnificent mile is one of my favorite places in the world

  3. Well, since you said "Keep it clean" I guess I'm outta the game...

  4. I'm with tulpen. I got nothin clean.

  5. j*: Yeah, that was totally going through her head. To which I would have responded, "Why not...if it's good enough for every homeless person in Chicago..."

    Tulpen and Dani are dirty dirty girls.

  6. I so have nothing clean, but I LOVE your captions!

  7. OK...my first caption is, "Waiter, this soup is too hot!" My second one is, "Ew, do we really have to wade around in some woman's spit? Yuck!"

  8. I have one for the first: "Yes, I could definitely do something like this in our backyard...oh Mom!"
    Great pictures and captions!

  9. I don't have a caption but this post makes me homesick.

  10. LMAO!! Love that last one about Yoko Ono! You are keeping a journal of these "words of wisdom" from Audrey in a book somewhere, right? She's a riot!

    And why Yoko Ono? She's not very pretty. Couldn't they have used Marilyn Monroe or something?

  11. you're right about me. but dont tell my husband!!

  12. And proud of it! I really wanted to comment about real women swallowing and not spitting, and you went and ruined all my fun.

    You're so gonna delete this comment aren't you?

  13. HA! No way am I deleting that! In the spirit of the 1st Amendment, you will just have to be accountable for your dirty dirty mind.

    PS: that was my very first thought when I went to write the caption.

  14. Hahaha...great pics and funny too

    Eh first one: Look what I can do!

    I was going to ask my WiiBoy for ideas then I thought.... nah, best not!

    xx Jazzy

  15. For the second one:

    I heard Big Brother was watching, but this is ridiculous.

    (I love this post)

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