Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 4: Cosmic Bowlin', Nail Paintin', and Slippery Slopin'

Day 4 of camp included a trip to our local bowling alley for "cosmic" bowling.  The ad to the left makes it look like some pretty adult entertainment...I'm not sure what they're going for with that porn/bride of Frankenstein/goth chick on the poster, but it doesn't exactly scream Little Adventurer Summer Camp.  Audrey loved it because it involved a dark room with crazy lights -- always a big hit with her.  There was a big disco ball, glow lighting that made her shirt look all wacky, and some thumping club music.

Audrey made a new friend named Justine, who apparently knew all the words to "California Gurls" and liked her some dirty dancin'.

Crossed legs and
bowling shoes

Audrey and Justine
meltin' popsicles

After camp, Lauren decided it was high time to give Audrey her first pedicure.  She brought nail polish that matched the hot pink that she had on her own toes AND bought her her first pair of bona fide $.97 Old Navy flip-flops, in a beautiful pale pink.  The better to break your neck in, my pretty.

I've been avoiding the whole nail-painting thing, although I've certainly seen loads of girls much younger than Audrey with constantly painted fingers and toenails.  I'm not into the Little Lolita look as I discussed here.  I think little girls are way too hootchie before their time, and I'm paranoid that painted nails will be a slippery slope to false eyelashes, spray tans, up-do's, hair extensions and her getting cast as a Li'l Guidette on the new pre-tween version of Jersey Shore

Audrey trying to pretend as if her youth
hasn't been stolen from her by Lauren

Now I'm anticipating the aftermath.  What do I do next week when it's looking slightly less cute with half of it chipped off?  Her father will be all over the internet researching how the smell of nail polish remover will melt her brain and cause her to become more autistic.  Audrey will flip out because by then she will have forgotten that there was a time not so long ago when her nails were not hot when she finally got her arm out of a cast and was completely freaked out at the sight of her bare arm.  "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, what is that flesh-colored bone sticking out from my left shoulder!!!!"  Come to think of it, her cast was hot pink too.  I'm doomed. 


  1. Those are some cute little feet!!
    She kept saying "My toes are hot pink. We match!" :)

    I'll give those toes a touch up every week if I have to - she was SO excited!

  2. I forgot to say...thank you Lauren! Seriously, Audrey was OVER THE MOON with ecstasy over her beautiful new toes. She cannot stop looking at them and is so proud that she matches her favorite lady.

    Thanks for going where her mother wouldn''ve made her summer!

  3. Nothing girlier than pink toes. You're so lucky. *sigh*. I have a boy. It's all skull t-shirts and skinned knees from here on out for me.

  4. Um. I'm not really qualified to comment on the toe polish thing, but I did the cosmic bowling with my son once. He giggled like a maniac for a week afterward!!

  5. I adore the pink polish and like j*, I won't get to do those girly things either with two boys. Good for you for trying to preserve her childhood, though. I agree with you.

  6. I have to say, I agree with you on not polishing nails yet. But that being said...her toes do look really cute! It sounds like she had a really fun day today!

  7. My girl is 5. My mother paints her nails about twice maybe three times a year. She likes it. I'm kinda slack though, so it just sorta "wears off". Does it look good? Not really, but I don't have to deal with the nail polish remover smell (I'm an Aspie too), and she seems to just sorta forget about it until the next time she sees Nonna.

  8. At the playgroup yesterday, one of the 15 month olds had her toes painted and I thought, "Really?" But Audrey - she's old enough for something like that once in a while. And they look really cute!

  9. No painted toes around here for me either....wait, actually, my oldest boy did ask me when he was four and i actually painted them black for him lol. One and only time (and I'm sure he doesn't want me sharing that with the world).

    I couldn't even imagine B at a cosmic bowling site- i would see some MAJOR stimming and perseverating there!

  10. Oh Lord. If we decide to have a second kid, I really hope it's another boy. I really hate pink! Her toes do look cute!

    Also, I really hope someone from MTV does not read this post. If they do, "Jersey Shore: In Training" might be the next big thing.... Gah!

  11. My three year old ALWAYS has to have her nails painted. My stupid sister introduced her to it...and now for the first time in MY life, I have painted toenails...

  12. ohh i do soooo share your opinion on the whole hoochie mama thing. unfortuneatly i have a dd that does not. she is always beggining me to let her polish my 2 year old an 3 month old baby. it looks nice when painted but they seem to chip off too soon on kids and it looks yuck.

    on the bright side, it is one of those things that will help her fit in with her peers and anything like that is great.

    ohh and my 12 year old loves that song too. its a nice catchy song despite all the bad words. kind of strange to your hear her singing and teaching all my little kids to sing, "sex on the beach and freaking in the jeep..." ummm yeah, nice

    love those pale pink flip flops.

  13. Today we were stopped at a red light and Audrey tells me that she wants to get her toe nails unpainted (which in Audrey's lingo means painted) at T Nails which was in the strip mall next to us. I was so excited!!

    I promised her a real pedi when round one of hot pink wears off.

    I'm probably more excited than she is but I can't wait!!

  14. Hi,
    Thanks for coming by my blog. I thought I was following but I just tried to do it again so hopefully it's working now. Let me know if i'm not following still.

  15. Well, you could try to convince her that she has to wear socks and shoes now (to hide the chipped nail polish).

    My mom got SO mad at me one day (I was about 6) when I came home from my best friend's house (nextdoor) with nail polish on. She couldn't get it off my fingers fast enough. I should have known this was going to be the start of wonderful mother/daughter relationship in years to come.