Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 5: Fishing at Lake Wal-Mart

According to the camp calendar, the last day of camp was to be Fishing Day at Constitution Park.  I'd never heard of that park, but there is a pond in town where a lot of people fish and I assumed that they were going there.  Turns out that Constitution Park is the pond-less park outside of the building where the camp is being held, and the "fishing" was from a baby pool filled with goldfish from Wal-Mart.  This was actually a relief to me because it meant that mosquito bites would be minimized (we are running out of unbitten real estate on her little body) and that she wouldn't be returning home with a fish hook lodged in her cheek.

We haven't heard from Lauren yet this week, so I'll let her take over from here, with my comments in pink:

I forgot to mention that during the June week of camp, Audrey didn't get the attendance thing down too well. (How shocking.)  She would say nothing when they called her name, or say "here" so quietly even I couldn't hear her. But this week she's got it down. Every time they called her name, she stood up, raised her hand, and loudly said "HERE!", and then proceeded to spell her name to herself.  (Aaaaaaach, always with the name spelling.  She knows it's making me mental so she's probably doing it even more when I'm not around.  I can just picture her with her hand over her mouth, "A-U-D....")

We played some gym games.  We played Grant's favorite game, which consisted of having to get every camper across the gym without touching the floor using a variety of supplies (laundry basket, bases, sticks, a chair, scooters, etc.)  I gave Audrey a piggy back ride across...I wasn't about to put her on a scooter with another kid pulling her across the gym and expect her to hold on and not get hurt.  (Lauren more than paying for herself with that call)  Envision a 5th grader walking with cones on her feet, pulling a 1st grader on a scooter with a hockey stick.  (Yeah, I remember reading about this very game on page 452 of the waiver that we had to sign to attend this camp)

Then she got to decorate her fish bowl.  She spelled her first and last name with stickers.  I told her to decorate the other side, so she wrote my first and last name on it. (Only Audrey would think of people's first and last names as "decoration") Then we added some bling with Justine. BTW Lynn, Justine wears those Sketchers with all the rhinestone thingys on the toes - you'd love her.  And Grant said if he was a girl in elementary school, he'd be wearing them too. (What Justine should have said to Grant: "If you were a girl in elementary school, you would be so creeped out by you right now.")

Then it was time to go outside to a kiddy pool full of tiny goldfish.  Grant handed Audrey a net, and told her to catch her fish.  She caught a orange one and a black one, and Grant said that she could pick one.  She picked the orange one and he put it in her fish bowl.  She was thrilled.

"I got a new pet fish."
"It is SO cute!"
"The fish is a girl."
"Her name is Nala."
"The fish is named Isabella."
"The fish is Justine."

Great job, Lauren.  In addition to those names, so far the fish has been called Sara, Emma, Anabel, Paula, Carla, Mary, Becca, Renee, Dusty, Rusty, and Pirate.  And probably Floaty McFlushington before too long.


  1. This summer camp cracks me up. At least the names she's coming up with are easy to pronounce and easy to spell, and the fish won't care about the constant change in identity. And I love the pics with her new fish at the end - she's obviously beaming!

  2. Hehehe... you'll have to get more letter stickers so Audrey can put the fishy's name on the bowl too. Maybe then it will stick.. you know... for however long.... ;o)

  3. That sounds like an interesting camp! It looks like Audrey had a blast! My daughter went real fishing at her camp. And even though she didn't end up with a fish hook in her cheek, she did fall into the stream once. She told me it was a good thing she had a life jacket on! I looked at her wet clothes from the knees down, and said that it indeed was a good thing (obviously, the stream's drying up and she landed on her feet in it! LOL).

    BTW, we both wear the Sketchers! They're pretty!

  4. Floaty McFlushington - LOL!

    My older kiddo's summer day-camp had a field-trip to a pet store in June and came home with a betta fish named Little Fin. By July it was in need of McFlushing.

  5. Sounds like a fun camp and I'd say Audrey having a ball! xx Jazzy

  6. OMG. You have given me so many laughs since I started reading your blog, and this post, my friend, made me lose my breath. I read it, read it again to my husband (who also laughed so hard he fell off the couch), and then posted it to my FB friends and Tweeps, because they all need to read it too.

    No one who reads your blog could imagine for a second that autism has to rob a family of its joy, wonderful sense of humor and capacity to love. Thank you.