Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot TOT-D's (Texts of the Day)

More fun with autexting.  These are all to Lauren, although she has branched out to texting others, including some people that are in my phone book that I don't necessarily want to start a dialogue with.  My commentary is in pink.

Audrey:  Emily Evans Likes to play with Katy (Emily is a classmate, and Katy is a new aid)
Audrey:  I fell off the swing
Lauren:  Are you better?
Audrey:  Not yet  (This was a few weeks after the great swing accident...still not over it)
Audrey:  And you are crying (Exhibit 1:  Pronouns are a bitch)
Audrey:  I got a bandaid on my nose


Audrey:  Hi Lauren Johnson
Audrey:  I hit Jill and Yvonne (these are aids at school...I got a report about this incident)
Audrey:  And I hit Jill (Jill got it twice apparently)
Lauren:  Why did you hit them?
Audrey:  Because I have to stop playing with the labtop
Audrey:  Because I got mad when I have to get in the car (her side of the story)
Audrey:  I fell off the swing and you are crying (pulling the sympathy card...nice try)
Audrey:  On Monday last time
Lauren:  What are you doing today?               
Audrey:  I'm going swimming today (No, we weren't)


Audrey:  You gotta do something else first
Audrey:  I fell off the swing because Katy pushed you (this was Katy's very first day as a new aid in Audrey's classroom, and according to the teacher Katy wasn't in the room when it happened.  People Skills 101:  Falsely accusing someone of giving you a concussion will not endear you to them.)


Audrey:  We are not supposed to play animal scramble
Audrey:  We are not suppsed to eat the bug on my sundaes
Audrey:  Gross
Audrey:  Yuck
Audrey:  Yucky


Audrey:  Freest
Lauren:  Who's that?
Audrey:  Freest is my dog (We don't have a dog.  And who the hell is Freest?)


  1. I see she's still using the last names. LOL! I had a friend who's little boy told the Kindergarten teacher his mom had a baby named Sky (she didn't) and then told the teacher he had a dog. The teacher and the mom had a good laugh! Amazing what their little minds come up with.

  2. Oh the pronouns!!! When my husband came back from a 2 week trip my son yelled, "I think you missed us so much." Meaning, I missed you so much Daddy. And lines like, "I think (by the way, most sentences start with I think these days) he is not going to see me." Which means, Don't look at me. And people wonder why only I really get what he is saying.

  3. Hahahaha... you are laffing so hard you are crying. ;o)

  4. We need to start a blog dedicated to Audrey's Autexting. A nod to

    Also, Wendakai's comment is hilarious!

  5. LOLOL!!! I think my favorite part is that Lauren engages with her and actually texts her back. Thank you for making my "lunch break" hilarious!

  6. She's a gold mine! I'm going to be blogging about some things my daughter said this week! LOL!

  7. I am Perishing with Mirth
    Had to say something adorable - on some posts an "LOL" just wont do

  8. Really enjoyed your pink commentary!

  9. This is hysterical. When my kids were little, anything that happened to them took forever to bit the dust.
    Great conversation.

  10. She is so funny! We have problems with my oldest hitting the aides in his class, too, by the way.

  11. Freest is an awesome name for a dog.

  12. I love the last one and agree with the above comment!

  13. This sealed my love for Audery. Hands down.