Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Land O' Legos

Audrey had some unexpected bonus camp days last week.  When it looked like my father's health was deteriorating fast, I scrambled to find some last-minute activities for the week that was to be her last down week before school started.  The park district was offering one more week of camp, with the catch being that the half-day option, which is what I had previously signed her up for, was not available.  So I made up for sending her to a totally lame-o camp by doubling down and making her go for a full day.  Luckily, you could sign up for individual days so she was only subjected to two of them.

The first day was a trip to Legoland.  There are only a few of these around the world and one of them happens to be in the same town where Audrey's school is, which makes me wonder if Lego sniffs out the proximity to schools for autistic kids before they plunk down their "lands".   Legoland is a big attraction around here, but I've never been tempted to bring Audrey because she is an anomaly...an autistic kid that has zero-nada-bupkus-zilch interest in Legos.  But after hearing about it from Lauren, seeing the pictures, and checking out the website, it's clear that you don't have to actually be able to build anything out of Legos to enjoy Legoland.

In Miniland, there was a rendering of the Chicago skyline and Navy Pier.  In Legos.  I will stop saying "in Legos" from here on out since it is pretty self-evident.  This was a big hit with Audrey because she loves replicas of amusement park rides AND part of the show was seeing night fall over the city.  Oh yeah...she loves her some twinkling lights in the darkness.

Per the website, the Dragon Quest ride carries you from "the castle kitchen and the royal banquet to the tickle torture room".  Lauren said Audrey was terrified at first.  Hey, the word "torture" isn't any less scary just because it's got the word "tickle" in front of it.  Sheesh.  Anyway, she hated it so much that she had to go through it a second time just to be sure.

The big red dragon that elicited
this reaction ======>

She recovered from that by copping a feel from the leader of the free world.  Sneak preview of my Christmas card!

His ass is bumpy,
yet strangely pleasing
Is anyone looking?

This wonderful and fun-filled day was capped off by Audrey stepping into a puddle of pee in the play area...in her stocking feet.  If I had a nickel for every time one of my blog posts ended with that very sentence....


  1. Hehehehe.... play areas and puddles of pee just go together, don't they? Don't you hate it when some of the roomful of plastic balls are wet? Ew. Ew. EW. ;p

  2. That is so funny! I didn't realize that Legolands were in different places. I thought the one in Southern California was it. I'm so Cali-centric!

    I'm glad Audrey had a good time!

  3. We are not lego fans here, either. If my son ever showed any interest in such a thing I would crush it immediately with that age old classic, "don't play with those honey, you're allergic".

    But I am so happy for you --that wasn't Audrey's pee, right?

  4. I'm surprised Audrey wasn't swarmed by an army of lego secret service agents when she got, uh, inappropriate with the prez.

  5. I have an award for you on my blog!


  6. Not Audreys pee: thumbs up because she never has accidents; thumbs down because it's foreign pee. Lauren did the dirty work of peeling off the socks and then doing just what I would have done...slathering her feet with Purell.

  7. Oh the peeling of the socks. Jeeze, Lauren needs a raise.

  8. Loved Lego Land! We made our first trip this year too. They were having these contests while we were there. Announcement would say "everyone build a "_____," and then all the serious builders would go to town on their creation. Grace Anne would walk up to some kid who had about 70 minutes into some awesome creation and she would say " OK, 3 more minutes til it's my turn to play with it."
    Ha! The looks on the kids faces were priceless.

  9. Haha...yeah that will make a fantastic Christmas card! She looks like she had a blast, pee and all ;)

  10. AH, LEGOS!!! You have to admit, even if you don't like Legos, you have to get a kick out of Legoland!

    Did you know someone in England built a house entirely out of LEGO!? Including the comode and bed and other furniture!?? Pretty cool.

  11. That Obama is awesome. In legos. The fact that you now have the words "reach around" on your blog??? awesomer.

  12. Audrey copping a feel from the leader of the free world just made me snort uproariously. Bumpy yet pleasing. And the Christmas card preview!

    Seriously, can I be you when I grow up?

  13. i got confused too i thought you were back in cali...lol. my boys always wanted to go there when we lived there but we never went. I guess its closer to venture up to IL now.

    anyway, anything legos is one of their obsessions.

  14. I played with Legos as a kid