Sunday, August 29, 2010

Me and One of my BBF's (Best Bloggy Friends)

Me (left) sporting my new Asian-in-repose
hat, with my BBF Dani G (right)
I had my first experience meeting someone in person that I've become friends with via the blogosphere.  Dani G from I'm Just That Way And That's Just Me was visiting Chicago for the weekend and we got together on Friday.  Lauren accompanied me because since I've been blogging she's gotten into everyone else's blogs; so much so that I'm not sure that I'm even in her top 5 anymore.  I think Lauren has read more of Dani's blog than I have, but she still somehow mistook every person that came out of the hotel elevator for Dani.  As opposed to Lauren and I who were pretty easy to spot, looking like turds in a punchbowl in the lobby of the posh Trump Hotel. 

It did feel a little bit like we were waiting on a blind date.  But of course we already know each other a little better than that.  And it was much easier to converse with Dani than any blind date.  We had a little Cawfee Tawk...talking about cawfee, dawtahs, awtism, and dawtahs with awtism.  Intellectual disabilities are neither intellectual nor a disability.  Discuss.

It was so great to meet's always such a relief to talk with someone who shares your struggles and empathizes completely.  I was unprepared for all of the wonderful people that I would meet through this blogging experience, especially those that have children with special needs.  I can honestly say that I feel more connected to more "special" parents on the interwebs than I do in my for reals life.  So now that I've started, I guess I'm just going to have to work my way through each and every one of you.


  1. That is so awesome! It sounds like you had a great time. I think the behaviorist that works with my daughter is starting to read my blog! Yikes!

    I'll let you know when I go to St. Charles to see family (most likely at Thanksgiving!).

  2. Envy envy! On the other hand, I'm not all that far from Chicago... and Wisconsin is beautiful in the fall in case you might be heading this direction...

  3. That is so cool! :D

    Yes, Maine is absolutely beautiful you know :)

  4. It's always great to meet someone in person that you've made a connection with over the internet. I did it once and it was alot of fun.

    Unfortunately, I'll never make it to Chicago (I just about make to New Jersey now and then) and I don't think you'd like Pennsylvania too much. Maybe we can meet somewhere inbetween someday!

  5. OK, Cheryl D is up next since she's going to be right in my backyard! I can handle Wisconsin....not so sure about Maine or Pennsylvania, but you never know!

  6. Hey, Minnesota aint so bad... we have the Mall of America after all. Just saying...

    Oh, and you dated yourself with the Cawfee Talk reference. Which means you are super-cool... :)

  7. Oh, what WOULD we do without our Peeps!!! Such a great photo of you girls. Glad you had fun!

  8. I agree with you about having such an awesome support network in the bloggy world. Particularly the autism bloggy world. I guess it's kinda like the old-timey days when people built and maintained friendships almost exclusively by letter. And those letters were often read to many people and saved as part of a family archive.

    I'm so glad we can all laugh -- and occasionally sniffle -- together. And your posts are always a highlight in my week :-)

  9. Awesome post and great picture. Email it to me.

    So so so true. Yes, I feel way more connected to some of the "strangers" I've met on the interwebs. We just "get it".

    Alright folks, as soon as we can get someone else to take over the running of our households, girls' therapy schedules, supplements, etc, we're gonna take our Cawfee Tawk show on the road and we'll come visit each and every one of you :)

    And yes, Lynn, you are still the highlight of my trip (but don't tell my husband!)

  10. Maybe we should all just meet for a spa vacation--I mean conference.

  11. Very cool! I know that I too would have felt out of place at the Trump Hotel. Glad you had fun!
    I am hoping, crossing my fingers, that I will be able to meet up with my BBFs from Australia when they make it to the States in the summer 2011. A trip to New York for me would be in order, and fun trip it would be.

    So, you know, I am rather close, and am always up for a cawfee tawk. :)

  12. How fun for you both. Such a beautiful picture. You're the second of my blog friends to meet another blog friend. I'm waiting to visit my dawta in atlanta so i can meet my atlanta friend. how cool are we all?

  13. you guys look BEAUTIFUL - so glad you got to meet
    I really like Dani's blog
    If you or Dani are ever in TN - you have bed and breakfast here too

  14. I'll be in home for the holidays! ;-)

    Glad you two met up. Both your blogs are in my must read! Glad you got to meet up! Great pic too!

  15. oh i will have to check her blog out now. And yeah i feel the same way, I just don't feel like I can relate to most parents these days unless they are struggling in some way with some thing.