Monday, August 2, 2010

Too Bad the Phone Book Doesn't Have Pictures

At the end of the school year, Audrey's school put together a little yearbook with pictures of all of the students and teachers.  Audrey became quite consumed by it and flipped through it constantly.  There are only about 25 children in her school, so she quickly memorized everyone's names.  There are lots of kids in other classrooms in another building that she had quite possibly never even seen before, in addition to her classmates whose last names she never knew.

Anyway, word has made its way back to me that she's getting a big kick out of knowing everyone's full names.  She is endlessly fascinated that there is this whole other portion of their names that she had never known.  So when she sees someone at school, she addresses them with their names exactly as they appear in the yearbook.

"Hello, Aidan Carlisle." 
"Hello, Jill Buckley, Associate Behavior Analyst."

Then she started spelling everyone's names.
"Hello, Aidan.  A-I-D-A-N.  Carlisle.  C-A-R-L-I-S-L-E.

I was particularly proud when she mastered her Indian friend's last name.  S-I-T-A-B-K-H-A-N.  Too bad we don't know any Samoans.

OK, so this was cute for about a day, but now she has become obsessed with it and asks everyone their last names.  Yesterday we were at a park and a little girl wandered over towards Audrey.  "What is your last name?" is sort of a creepy conversation starter when you don't even know their first name.  I intervened and we found out that the girl's name was Abby.  But Audrey was hellbent on finding out her last name, so she went to work on the mother.

Audrey:  "What is your last name?"
Abby's mother:  "Pardon?"
Audrey:  "Pardon.  P-A-R-D-O-N."



  1. I simply love Audrey. She's the greatest :)

  2. Okay, that's really funny. I agree that it IS sort of fascinating about knowing someone's last name, if you would only normally call them by their first name. Conversely, as a teacher, all of us called each other by our last names, since we were in front of the kids all the time. But then after school, it was weird to call each other by first names.

  3. LOL! She sounds like she has an amazing memory and is a great speller! You have to get her trained for the national spelling bee! I can see where that can get annoying, but it makes for a very cute (and funny) blog!

  4. Gotta love that! Such a great skill, and although it's a bit strange she has a real conversation starter!

    And thank god she's not asking for age and weight and marital status, too. "Hello Jane Smith, age 38, 154 lbs, separated-since-March."

  5. What a hoot! Ours is equally inappropriate... "Where do you live?" Since Zach is fascinated with maps and roads, he will ask anyone who glances in his direction... And don't think a street name is sufficient... he wants the number too!

  6. The girl has SKILLS! And with a memory like that? Spelling bee -Shmelling bee.
    Vegas baby!
    Oh Please, I'm sure I'm not the only parent of a child with Autism who accidently memorized the movie Rainman (Dibbs,Sally,Sally Dibbs - the pancake waitress) and often fantasizes about turning my kid into a card counting cash-calf!
    Am I?
    I know we are supposed to teach them to use their "super-powers" responsibly, blah, blah, but.....Mama needs a new pair of Choo s! (and to replace the wheel bearing on the real left wheel) Mama can dream.

  7. Too funny. Hey, that's a smart kid. She is going to keep you on your toes. ;o)

  8. oh, aren't we having an interesting summer!!? Hopefully she'll move onto something else, at least she's spelling! And if she's enjoying herself.....yeah, oy! LOL!!

    I had a friend who had a son (who was about 4 at the time) who was autistic. He was obsessed with anything "moving" such as ceiling fans and water fountains. Well, he was able to memorize the names of every single ceiling fan that Home Depot sold. So much so she would go to Home Depot just so he could enjoy the fans. The employees loved this little boy and actually GAVE my friend a free ceiling fan!

    I just marvel at the memory skills these kids have!

    And the little yearbook that was put together is wonderful! I have the ones that my kids received from their elementary school years. They're a hoot to look back on!

  9. Audrey's too funny. While going to the bathroom the other day she was spelling my name... L-A-U-R-E-N

    Lynn, when are you going to tell her most people have a middle name too!?!

  10. @Aimee: don't think that I haven't thought of Vegas. I just don't know if Audrey's talents extend to counting cards...I need to figure out a way to cash in on the spelling...

    @Reener: a free ceiling fan??? If I got a freebie for everyone of Audrey's obsessions, my house would be equipped with escalators and chocolate fountains.

    Lauren: you are FORBIDDEN to clue Audrey in to middle names!

  11. OK, Audrey and Jaylen need to get together. They would probably be able to construct something amazing, something the likes of we here on earth have never seen! What it would be, I don't know, but they both are so brilliant with ridiculous memories.

    Jaylen's thing is house numbers. Anyone who we've ever known, is defined by their house number.

  12. This is hilarious! If she asked me my last name at the park...I'd be smitten!