Saturday, August 21, 2010

Toonces the Texting Cat

Audrey has logged a lot of Lauren-time over the past week or so, with me away trying to spend time with my father before he passed and then all of the ceremony and visiting with out-of-towners since then. They went to the pet shop to get a better home for the multi-named goldfish, to the pool, and on camp field trips to a train museum and Legoland. But Audrey's favorite part was hanging out at Lauren's house with her two cats, TJ and Whiskers.

I've been hearing all about how Whiskers (she doesn't seem as crazy about TJ) meows, and plays with shoe strings, and how she was showing her how to send text messages.

Don't Text While Driving, Toonces

Here's all of the cat-centric chatter that Lauren noted during her visits:

"Hi Mr. Cats."
"Whiskers likes to sleep with you."
"I like to share my shoe string with Whiskers."
"I like cats."
"TJ is snoring." (He was purring.)
"I like to stay with Whiskers."
"Whiskers likes to share all my things."
"Whiskers is gonna text mom." (She lifted up her paw and put it by phone.)
"That's my pet."
"I like to share my phone with Whiskers and TJ."
"I wanna have a playdate with Whiskers and TJ." (Said after walking into Lauren's basement.)

Now all she talks about is going to see Whiskers and TJ.  Every time we leave the house to do anything, it's "We're going to see Whiskers and TJ after we...."  I don't think that just texting with them is going to satisfy her longing, and I'm pretty sure that Lauren has seen enough of Audrey for a we might have to graduate her to Toonces the Skyping Cat.


  1. Critters 'n kids. :) Sorry about your dad, Lynn. Hang in there. Take comfort in all those warm memories and take joy in Audrey, as you so often do. :)

  2. Those pictures are so cute! It sounds like Audrey had a much better time hanging out with Lauren than she would have with you (no offense).

  3. That is too cute, not to mention hilarious. On the upside, her pronouns seem to be much improved!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I don't know if you posted and I missed it, but please know that I'm thinking of you.

  5. I'm good with all this as long as she doesn't think the cats talk back.

  6. Funny you say that Dani G. She quickly realzied the cats weren't talking back so she started talking for them.
    On her second visit with the kitties she began adding in their part of the conversation.

    "TJ do you like fruit? Not right now. He's gotta ask for permission."

    "TJ and Whiskers do you want some food? Not right now."

    She liked to be very close to the cats. So when TJ wasn't listening to her and following her back to my my room, she climbed into his very small cat bed with him.

  7. Awwwww that is adorable
    I LOVE her picture too

  8. Animals have such a profound effect on people. I think this is wonderful that she interacts with them. They make her use her cognitive skills. Plus they have a calming effect. Cats have been known to lower blood pressure.

  9. Cuteness. My three year old, along with imaginary human friends, has a cast of imaginary animal friends...whom she talks to on the phone frequently... I'll ask her to have one call Audrey ok?

  10. Great picture, by the way. I am so glad she was able to have so much Lauren time lately. it was good for both of you with all of the events of the past week.