Thursday, September 9, 2010

Daily Downers

So I started a second blog a few weeks ago.  It's meant to be more locally-oriented and is part of a website called ChicagoNow, which is the bloggy arm of the Chicago Tribune.  They were looking for suburban bloggers, but I wasn't able to have them host this blog because they wanted it to specifically cover happenings around my town and even required that I work the name of my town into the blog title.  I live in Downers Grove, Illinois, so it was a bit of a challenge. The best I could come up with was Daily Downers, which I'm not crazy about but at least it does reflect my prevailing mood.  Hopefully I can do right by our founders, old Jebediah Downer and his wife Debbie, and further depress the shit out of everyone in this town.

Anyway, I haven't promoted that blog in this blog because:
1) most people that read this blog aren't from these parts and so, for instance, wouldn't be able to join me in my boycott of the local toy store that rearranged all of their stock to put Audrey's favorite stim toys out of reach on 8-foot high shelves, and
2) so far all of the posts on the new blog have been using "re-purposed" content from this one. 

The post that I most recently copied over was the homage to Lauren, which I felt was necessary since I'd already mentioned her so much in the locally-flavored posts about ballet, camp, etc.  I have not promoted Daily Downers Twitter, no Facebook, no arm-twisting emails to friends and family.  I've never once copied a link to it and pasted it anywhere.  So imagine my surprise when this came across my Twitter feed:

I have one of my TweetDeck columns permanently set to search #autism, otherwise I would have never seen this.  I expected the link to take me to a porn site, but it actually took me to my Daily Downers post on ChicagoNow. 

Can anyone explain this to me?  Anyone?


  1. The avatar is eye catching, that's for sure!

    I think a small conference with Lauren is needed. (ya think??).

  2. Have you asked Audrey? I suspect she's behind this! LOL

    Congrats on Daily Downers! I think that name is hilarious!

  3. Wow, Lauren. I'm shocked! Wouldn't have pictured you as the type...


  4. Can't explain it but I'm thinking of changing my son's Autism Therapy Team to include "Lauren".

  5. Ummm... I'm really jealous of "Lauren's" rack. Maybe Lauren's cat has gotten much better at texting with so much practice from Audrey, and has now moved on to the computer...

  6. I'm taking Lauren's silence as an admission of guilt...

  7. Ha! It seems that Lauren has some quick talking to do. Audrey has one fantastic therapist, which we already knew, but this confirms it....anything for a good therapy outcome,right? LOL :D

  8. Hi I'm a new follower from Chickadee Friday! Check out my blog sometimes I write some fun sensory integrated activity posts!

  9. Daily Downers! Okay I'm gonna read it just based on the title, cuz we don't have enough of those over here.

    I think Lauren's in the wrong business.

  10. Stop, stop! I can't take it. "Hopefully I can do right by our founders, old Jebediah Downer and his wife Debbie, and further depress the shit out of everyone in this town." This one will have me laughing for the day. Thank you.

    And how did Lauren get a pic of my boobies???

  11. Well what can I say? I don't really do twitter and my chest does not look like that!! (and if it did I wouldn't link a picture of it to my role as an ABA therapist)

    I'm slightly concerned by this...

  12. Don't call it "repurposing" material, you are recycling--going green. Good for you. Congrats on the Daily Downers blog.

  13. Daily Downers is pretty much the best name ever and I'll pass the link along to all my friends who live in those parts.

    As I was reading your post my husband looked over my shoulder, giggled and said "boobies. heh".