Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Don't Sh*t Where You Eat

For those of you starting your Christmas shopping early, here's a toy that could be a risky one for a child with autism.

This is Barbie and her dog Tanner.  The playset comes with little brown pellets that represent both Tanner's food and his poo.  When you pull Tanner's tail up, his mouth opens for you to feed him.  When you pull his tail down, the same pellet drops out of his bunghole.  When you've gone through all of the food, you start all over again.  Just pick up that pile of poop and stick it back in his dog dish. 

At first I was concerned that Audrey would learn the wrong lesson from this toy.  I thought that, because of her literal-ness, I'd find her fishing around the toilet bowl for an afternoon snack.  But then I was reminded of a visit we made to a pet store once...on second thought, I guess Mattel isn't actually that far off the mark.  Now if they could just make Barbie's waist bigger than her head...


  1. That toy is so wrong on so many levels! The poor dog! Can't he find a mommy who won't feed him poo?

  2. My dog doesn't like his own poo, but the cats' poo.... :p Too true to life, Barbie! ;p

  3. So Barbie picks up the poo and then the dog...

  4. Heh... reminds me of our pet rabbits. Who do their business in litterboxes lined with timothy hay, so they can snack while they "go." Even better, did you know that bunnies make 2 kinds of poop? One is the familiar pellets that look like Barbie-dog-food. The other is a stinky poo that looks kind of like a blackberry, and they generally consume it directly as they excrete it.

    So if Tanner were a rabbit, all this would make sense, right?

  5. Barbie gets weirder and weirder the older I get. When I was a kid, Pregnant Barbie was all the rage, with a baby that came out of her stomach "Alien" style. The dog is just a little queer, though I have to admit that they weren't that far off the mark with the food/poop...

  6. Oh. Have to get this for my sister. She has an adorable little dog, who eats its own shit.

  7. Ew! Honestly they could have put a little more effort into making it so the dog does NOT eat poop. Maybe, one side of the pellet is white and looks like a bone, other side is smooth brown poop? Maybe one of those hot water sensative toys so it's one color when you put it in and another when it comes out after it's cooled and dry?
    Sure, then some kids might think if you heat poo and eat it, it comes out as a bone.....
    I didn't say these ideas were ready for prduction yet. Just brainstorming. About dog poo.

  8. My idiot dog eats any poo or puke he can find and, so far, my son hasn't imitated him. Yet. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at the Mattel brainstorming meeting where the geniuses all agreed that what the world needs right now is a toy dog that eats it's own poo. Brilliant.

  9. I'm totally with cooperl788: Barbie is getting weirder.

    The thing is, she's still built like one of those stewardess dolls from the 1960s but they're just having her do bizarre crap like ... feed a dog crap.

    I recently pondered buying a Barbie for one of the 50 million birthday parties we went to this summer, and the odd options included Vet Barbie who wore a hoochie white skirt and a stethoscope, Woody Barbie (am I the only one that finds that name hilarious?) who wore a cowgirl outfit like Woody from Toy Story ... And her body/facial expression still looks like she just had a boob job and a lot of crystal meth.

    Does anybody remember the Barbie and Skipper who used to get tan if you left them out in the sun?

    MentalFloss did a round-up of weird Barbies here:

    I gotta have that Barbie that sprouts boobs.

  10. Weird stuff! I'm glad I have a boy. :)

  11. Are you kidding me? That's just gross but it made for a pretty funny post. I don't like Barbie. There. I said it.

  12. Why didn't they just make "Eating Disorder" Barbie and have her eat her own poo. They really cleaned that up by putting it on the dog. Seriously, what were they smoking when they sent that to market?

    FYI, dogs won't eat poo of dogs that eat canned pumpkin with their food. I wish all of my neighbors would feed their cats pumpkin.

  13. I really loved reading your blog. I also found your posts very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he ejoyed it as well!