Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Love the Piano

When she's not mortally afraid of the piano, Audrey loves her piano to the point of obsession.  Do I even need to type those last 5 words anymore?  Where there is love, there is obsession.  She gets stuck on certain songs and we'll hear nothing else until she gets stuck on a different one and so on and so on.  Two of her most recent favorites are a couple of old folk songs:  "Aura Lee" and "Go Tell Aunt Rhody". 

You would recognize the former as the melody to "Love Me Tender", which Audrey knows the lyrics to because we have a picture book that uses them as its text.  The pictures in that book tell the story of the relationship between a little girl and her father.  So I had a little fantasy after my father passed away that Audrey would play "Love Me Tender" at his wake, because I now so associate it with that father/daughter picture book. 

And indeed there was a piano in the room where my father was waked.  But I knew that Audrey would never have played on cue, or if she did she'd bust out some inappropriate improv'd lyrics or, even worse, launch into "Aunt Rhody" which concludes with the line "Go tell Aunt Rhody the old gray goose is dead".  Put a stake through that fantasy.

Speaking of making up lyrics, after playing these songs eleventy million times even Audrey got bored with them and started customizing them.  She alternately recaps her day, airs grievances, noodles over her turn-ons/offs, and tells her therapists where they can go.

This little ditty is called "What Do I Like?".  Spoiler alert!  She likes kitties.

This one is exactly the same completely different, and is called "There's No Pink But Purple".  I think.


  1. Everyone is still sleeping here, so I'm waiting to play the videos until later. I can't wait to hear the musical stylings of Audrey!

  2. cute hair cut on her and she is talented. My son has a love hate relationship wirh music too. Most of it annoys him. We have the same keyboard just no where to put it right now so its in storage.

  3. OMG she is PHENOMENAL
    WHat a talented smart kid
    love her voice and her attitude and her confidence

  4. She's great! I see a future songwriter!

  5. Awesome. I think "There's No Pink But Purple" is about to go viral on YouTube.

  6. 'Sounds' like she has a great future.

  7. Those videos are awesome!! I just have one question there's no pink what??

  8. We are all pretty excited about the new hit remake "WhAt do I like?" in my household. Been singing it since we watched this afternoon. (with the new words, not the Elvis words)

    GA may ask Audrey for autograph tomorrow at school. Either that or she will ask her "what she likes," hoping she will bust out a few verses in the cozy corner. I can picture in now, it's all very Glee at CEP.

  9. Awesome Audrey! What a talented little girl you have :)

  10. Hey, if it gets her to play, go for it! She's adorable! Glad you got it on tape! Years from now you can play it again and laugh your ass off!

    She definitely has the aptitude! Give her time.

  11. I read your blog posts via email, and I decided to click over to ask if you have any videos...low and behold, there they were! email does not show them.

    Lynn...those videos are precious! Loved them.
    My 4-year old, GD, loved watching them. She requested that we view them again! GD loves music and enjoyed singing with Audrey. :D

  12. She has natural talent. 2 things: she will hate you for posting these videos (B would, anyway) & the second song is "There's no pink today". LOL

  13. When I saw the first I assumed she was still stuck in the "chipmunk" range as you called it.

    But seriously, my husband and I are both musicians so this comes from a professional (well, my husband is a professional so I will piggy back off him) she does have a good understanding of pitch and knowing what note will make what sound.

    Who knows, maybe she WILL get Go Tell Aunt Rhody down in time for the next funeral, as morbid as that sounds...

  14. Those were awesome. She needs to come hang out with me for a day... I'm always singing songs to my dog about how much I hate her, Audrey could provide accompaniment.

  15. The "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" line made me fall out of my chair I laughed so hard. Because I *know* that Billy would do the same thing. All it would take would be overhearing the word "dead" or "death" and off he would go, repeating and singing everything he knew on the subject.

    I thought about you guys tonight. We were in a barbecue restaurant and next to our table was a big empty space where they were apparently planning to set up some special table.

    Well, they hadn't done it yet, and as far as Billy was concerned, this was a stage set especially for him. It was 6 p.m. and it was "Hammer Time."

    He was out there in the open space bustin' a move for the crowd. And yes, people were looking. Some of them were looking at me, like, "Aren't you going to do something?"

    There was a time when I might have been embarrassed, but those days are long gone. My attitude is like "Hey, he's dancing. Not pooping in your food. Turn around and eat."

    Seriously, though, Audrey does have a natural gift. How wonderful that she's sharing her personal take on the world through song. And I think it's awesome that you encourage her passions, no matter how hard the road might be sometimes. It's clearly paying off!