Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Fierce

I must be a great host because 1) this virus of mine refuses to leave the decrepit vessel that is my body, and 2) I've been given a blogger award! 

This award is called the Fierce Mom Blogger Award, which the deserving Jillsmo at Yeah. Good Times. won herself and then graciously passed along to me.  Jill has quickly become a great bloggy friend.  She was supportive of me before I really even knew her.  She has given me two blogger awards, and has voted me onto her island of incredible friends.  Jill informed me that she had given me this award on Sunday night when I was between hurl sessions.  Her words were a sight for sore...everything.  Thanks so much, Jill.  You are the best.

Now I have to pass it along to someone else.  And I have to give it to my friend Dani G from I'm Just That Way and That's Just Me

I'm Just That Way and That's Just Me

Who else?  Especially when the word "fierce" is involved.  Dani is fierce in both the she-wolf-mama-bear sense of the word, and the little-elfin-dude-from-Project-Runway sense of the word.  She fights every day tooth and nail for her beautiful Little Bird, and freely cops to the terrific highs and lowdown lows of raising a child on the spectrum.  She blogs with honesty, humor, and more than a little poop talk...which I for one never get enough of.  I was lucky enough to comment after Dani one day on SITS daily roll call, and I've called myself a fan ever since.  I also call myself an in-real-life friend because I actually got to meet her in person, and we have each other's cell numbers which we can call and send desperate texts to night and day...like a Bat(Shit) Signal over our fucked-up little Gotham City.  Stay fierce, you hot tranny mess Dani G!


  1. Yay! VERY deserving -- I can't imagine anyone better to describe as "fierce." And I hope this award is just the boost your immune system needed to kick the horror virus. I, for one, am always much more well when being constantly praised :-)

    Seriously, thinking of you ... mommyhood never seems harder than from the vantage point over the toilet.

  2. Yay for you and Dani!!

    Stay fierce ladies.

  3. Congrats on your award! And congrats to Dani too! I didn't realize she was the bloggy friend you met up with. I discovered Dani recently through the blog hop. She's great! She grew up in the area I live in now! She knew the Assistant Principal at my daughter's school (the one who took such awesome care of my daughter at her IEP, then had to go and get promoted to Principal at another school--grrr). It's a small world!

    I met Jill through the blog hop as well! She's another awesome blogger!

    I'm glad 3 awesome women have been recognized!

  4. Congrats on the award and Dani is very deserving :)

  5. Dani G is somewhere out on the high seas and couldn't be here to accept her award. I will accept this award on her behalf...and now I have two.

  6. I'm officially back on land (though I can still feel the boat rocking. Weird). What an honor, especially coming from Lynn. I'm now accepting gifts and applications and I will make my final decision regarding who I'll pass the award to after receiving them all. Not really, but still...

    Better to be called "fierce" than "farce", right? Grrrr!