Saturday, October 30, 2010

My 15 Minutes on WGN ChicagoNow Radio

Yeah, I'm not even quoting Andy Warhol.  I was actually on for exactly 15 minutes.  Here's how the day breaks down outside of those 15 minutes:

7:30 -- Wake up.  Pukey McHurlington decided to sleep in for the first time in her existence on the very day that I needed to get an early start into the city for my first ever radio appearance.

7:55 -- Leave the house without showering or brushing my teeth.  Hey, it's one cares how you look.  Suddenly remember that the show is hosted by two people who will be able to see me.  And smell me. 

8:30 -- I was told to arrive around 9:00-9:15.  I cruised into the city in record time, so I really could have taken the time to change my undies.

9:00 -- Meet with the producer.  Ask him where the pee-pee is cuz I really gotta go wee-wee out my hee-hee.  Yeah, I haven't been around a new adult in a while.

9:15 -- I'm escorted into the green room where I can hear the blogger that is on before me.  Convince myself that she is KILLING, that the hosts are clearly in love with her, and that they are going to miss her so much when she leaves that they will not be able to focus on me.  "Yeah, autism.  Great.  Has the That's Awesome blogger left the building?  Cuz she was awesome."

9:30 -- Enter the studio.  One of the hosts tells me during the commercial that they reach 7.5 million people in 38 states and Canada.  Glad that I didn't bother to change my undies because I just shat them.
Not 20 minutes earlier
I was that crazy lady.

9:43 -- I don't recall anything except a lone spectator -- one crazy old lady in a tam pressing her face against the window trying to see in.  Mom?

9:49 -- During the commercial, the host says that they've received a text question from someone in the 248 area code.  They figure out that 248 is Detroit.  Oh no.  "OK, we have a text here from Dani from the Detroit area..."  DANI!!!!!! 

10:00 -- It's over!  I did it!  Prepare to field the flood of offers to host my own special needs talk radio show.

4:38pm -- Still waiting.

Here's a link to the podcast for those of you that missed it live.  Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement! 


  1. Would you *like* your own special needs radio talk show? I think you'd be great at it! You even managed to curb the cursing on your radio interview and I was so impressed by this. "Way to go motherfucker!" I shouted out happily in the car as I was driving along. "Way to go!" We're all so goddamn proud of you.

  2. Just listened to the podcast! You made it sound like you give interviews every day, you sounded so at ease. I'm so impressed - what a star!

  3. Awesome job, Lynn. Really. I was so impressed. Also, I was a bit amazed that your voice is so "nice" and "sweet". Since I get this tough Chicago chick vibe from your blog, I half was expecting you to sound like a gruff and tough biker who has smoked for half a century. You actually have an excellent voice for radio.

  4. Great job!! You sounded like a pro!

  5. AWESOME!!!! Going to listen to it right now. Then will check back in immediately!!

    So excited for you ...

  6. You were so awesome!! Really, the way you handled every question was fab. I'm so glad my question got on the air and that I was able to make you giggle a little bit :) But, really... I just wanted a little bit of the spotlight, too!!

    Also, I hope Big Daddy Autism knows that you were totally faking the "nice and sweet".

  7. SO GREAT. Really, you are a NATURAL!

    I thought you handled those questions about causes, increase in rates, myths about autism, etc. so smoothly I would never have guessed you did it all without changing your underwear.

    I'm ready for your special needs talk show too. "Daily Downers" could be the "Daily Show" of the special needs community :-)

  8. How awesome! I'm glad you were able to enjoy your 15 minutes of fame!

    I haven't had a chance to listen to the pod cast yet--I promise I will tomorrow!

  9. I haven't had a chance to listen, either, but I have been thinking about you all day. Good for you! I can't wait to listen tomorrow.

  10. Awesome Job Lynn! I tried to tune it in here in WI but wasn't able to get a signal. :( (I'm pretty far West of Milwaukee...otherwise I seriously would've tried calling in!) Good to hear Dani got to you though ;).

    You should start your own SN talk show!

  11. I think you should start a podcast :) I'd so much rather get my autism news form you rather than the over dramatic depressing junk on news sites.

  12. Just stopping by to say thanks for visiting Let's Dish. Hope you enjoy the recipes you try. And hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame! :) My 4 year-old nephew is autistic and my brother has recently starting blogging about it. If you ever have a minute (I know how us mom's have so much free time) he's at

  13. @j: Is it a paying gig? Then fuck yeah! Oops. I almost said "pissed" at one point, but wasn't sure if that was allowed. I would need a 10 second delay if I had my own show.

    @BD/Dani: The sweet and nice is called sheer terror. My voice rises a couple of octaves when I'm scared shitless. I'm not at all as rough and tough as I'd like everyone to believe.

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to listen!!

  14. Darlin .. I would love to listen to you on the radio -= how can I do it

  15. LMAO!!! You weren't nervous! Nah, not you!

    You voice goes up? Mine goes down, waaay down.

    And I hate the way I sound on ANYTHING. So no one will ever hear me on tape or radio. I don't even like the way I sound on my answering machine!

    Still waiting?

  16. You sounded like a total pro! You did such a great job and I really think you discussed autism in a way that doesn't really get presented in society. It's usually all "ZOMGVACCINES" and nothing else. Your experience really showed people there is more to autism then debate.

    Also, when they mentioned a text from "Dani" I was totally like "I bet that's Dani G"! Then I realized I'm probably a stalker.

    Also, way to go on supporting the Sox on the Cubs station.

  17. That was so good Lynn! You did an awesome job... and now you're practically famous!

  18. I can't wait to listen to it tomorrow when I have the living room to myself again. I can't wait to be able to brag about how I knew you "back when"!

  19. Awesome job! It was also awesome when we took our kids to the pumpkin farm on Friday. (Yeah, thas right, I hang with famous people. No big thang. )

  20. I LOVED it
    love your voice
    you were so amazing

    I love the content and having your balanced wry perspective

  21. I listened!! To most of it.

    Awesome job. You have a young voice! And they didn't have to bleep you!!

  22. That is freakin fabulous woman! Good for you..Now I have images though of a woman in a tam just standing outside your house peering in your window..and that is creepy..:)

  23. Thanks everyone!

    @ryoko: Still waiting.

    @Laura: I think it's Dani that's the stalker. Hee hee...I was laughing my ass when she texted in. And yeah, I said I was a Sox fan on WGN...psych!

  24. You rocked it! I'm just now getting to this post, but I listened to the podcast and I think it's fabulous. Your sense of humor about autism is what keeps me reading your blog. : )