Thursday, October 21, 2010

When Not Getting Pummeled at the Pumpkin Patch...

...we actually had a very nice time.  These are not costume changes in the pics below...she loves it so much that we went to the same pumpkin farm 3 times in a little over a week.
First taste of apple cider...when water is all you
drink, pretty much everything elicits this reaction.

Posed picture fail.  The pre-set background
was too tempting...will I never learn?
Frolicking unfettered to the corn maze
finish you like me now, bullies!
Audrey's favorite feature that sets this particular pumpkin patch apart from all open trough full of baby chicks that you can have at.  You've heard of the running of the bulls in Pamplona?  Check out the running of the chicks in Bolingbrook, IL...


Did you see the one being thrown back into the trough from like a foot high?  These chicks are so traumatized that they just run like hell from one end to the other trying to avoid the mitts of all the future serial killers that want to squeeze them til their eyes pop out.
Audrey was afraid to hold one at first...cuz, yeah, there is officially nothing that she is not terrified of if she is afraid of a baby chick. 

It will take at least until Valentine's Day for Audrey to process that the pumpkin farm is closed for the season, so we'll have to take advantage of the days that we have left.  10 more days until Halloween = at least 4 more trips to go!


  1. those are all beautiful pics of her.

  2. Like you we have to keep going to the same places.
    Does look like fun though!

  3. Audrey is so adorable! I'm glad she's enjoying the pumpkin patch! It looks like a really cool place.

  4. I love the pictures! Your pumpkin patch is WAY better than ours - all we have is pumpkins and some rocks! If there were chicks at ours, Georgia would probably want to live there so she can be "nice" to them.

  5. Nice pix of Audrey! As usual. :)
    We have been to same PF twice already too! I think..... Does it ryhm with Mohansen Marm?
    I think this place is a sensory seekers paradise. I'm sure it's crawling with our peeps. Actually I bet a lot of kids would want to go to to PF 3 times a week. Why is it that our kids know, if they keep asking, we will take them?

  6. Those are some really cute pictures! I think the posed one isn't that bad!

  7. At first, I was wondering if these were pictures from the day Butch, Spanky and the gang attacked Audrey or this was another trip to the same pumpkin patch. As far as going back 4 more times - don't feel bad. That's part of raising a kid on the spectrum. Talk to me after you've just rode on "It's A Small World" at Disney World 14 times in succession. I still have that friggin song in my head. Btw, she is adorable.

  8. What a sweetie! She's a doll!

    It is wonderful that you have such a fun, positive outlook on this parenting thing.
    It's what will help us get through those "you're-driving-me-crazy-days!"

    And what a loving mother she has been blessed with!

  9. They really shouldn't have those chicks out like that for that reason, but what do I know.

    What we do for our children. Enjoy your next 4 trips. Maybe you should get a part time job there? Might as well make some money while she's enjoying herself-all season long.

  10. I am so glad Audrey could have some unfettered frolicking after her experience with those hooligans.

  11. Nice pictures. Looks like it was fun. We are doing a corn maze next week. I am so looking forward to that.

  12. Your daughter is beautiful. I'm so glad to have beamed over here from The Empress' place, 'cause she was bragging on you, and I wanted to see if her track record was still 100%. (Yup.) So it's allllll good, until I see that fluffy chick gauntlet of terror. Holy crap, that's like the Roman Forum for Tweety Bird. Does PETA know about that place?

  13. @Aimee: What weree you doing at Mohansen Marm? Is that where we are going next Fri? Or Mackmerry Marm?

    @Reyna: Some days I'm not sure about the "blessed" part, but thanks so much for your kind words!!!

    @Kablooey: Thanks for coming by! I didn't know that the Empress was braggin' on me!!? She rocks! If I go by this pumpkin patch, I'm thinking that PETA must be spread a little thin at this time of year....

  14. "Blessed" does not mean perfect.

    It means willing to keep trying this parenting thing even when we might not necessarily feel up to it, being motivated by a deeply loving heart. Using all we have at that particular moment and time even if we are a little frazzled and come up short.

    Thus Audrey is blessed!

  15. @Reyna: Thanks again...I've got the "deeply loving heart" thing down for sure!!

  16. I used to go there as a kid. It was free to get in and they didn't have running chickens. Total scam that they thought of that AFTER a grew up.

    The picture of Audrey running through the corn maze just screams "joy!". Love it!

  17. those pictures are great - she is so adorably cute.