Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Question Mark.

Audrey's Christmas list so far:
  • A pet
  • A pink cupcake
  • A real cake
Here was our dialogue on the last one:

Audrey:  "I want a real cake but I don't want to sing Happy Birthday."
Me:  "Is it a Christmas cake?"
Audrey:  "Yeah."
Me:  "And what kind of a cake is it?"
Audrey:  "It's a Christmas birthday cake."
Me:  "Whose birthday is it on Christmas?"
Audrey:  "It's nobody's birthday!"
Me:  "Is it Jesus' birthday?"
Audrey:  "It's nobody's birthday!  I will smell the cake and eat the words on this cake."
Me:  "But it's nobody's birthday so what are the words on the cake gonna say?"
Audrey:  "Merry Christmas!"
Me:  "That's a good idea.  So you want a cake that says "Merry Christmas" on it?"
Audrey:  "I put a question mark."
Me:  "You want a question mark on the cake?  Like "Merry Christmas?"  Or do you want an exclamation point like "Merry Christmas!"
Audrey:  "A question mark."
Me:  "Yeah, I hear ya."


  1. she is awesome.

    I am too lazy (and my computer too screwy)so I'm bundling my comments today.

    this is for the post below.

    I want to see your version of sound of music and your few of my favorite things cracked me up. I love your sense of humor.

  2. That girl is reading my mind - my Xmas list is identical to hers and I too would prefer the "Merry Christmas?" cake. Everyone knows that question marks taste better than the exclamation points. But, for my money, umlats are, by far, the tastiest. The worst tasting cake lettering punctuation = periods. Obviously.

  3. She's got a point. Is Christmas very merry with all the stress and debt it causes. It is almost a question anymore.

  4. If you don't make that cake, then I will.

    Also? I'd like a visit with Audrey for Christmas.

  5. "I will smell the cake and eat the words on this cake." Yeah, that sounds about right.

  6. Thank goodness she didn't want the writing on the pink cupcake, that's all I can say.

    For the pet, I highly recommend a Beta fish. Practically unkillable and they come in pretty colours.

  7. Audrey is a really smart girl!

    That's how I feel about the holidays too!

  8. OMG its like you have a female and articulate version of R
    He is currently crazy about the question mark
    and christmas
    and the birthday son
    this is a classic
    " I will smell the cake and eat the words on this cake"

  9. Perceptive little thing, isn't she? Waaaaay ahead of her time. She knows......

  10. She's reading our minds. I mean, IS it a merry christmas? Plus, she maybe on to something... I'm pretty sure it was discovered that Jesus wasn't really born on December 25th. Sorry- leave it to the Jew to burst your bubble.

    But... shhhhhh, we celebrate christmas, too. Basically anything to get presents.

  11. OMG That is hilarious! My question is...Will she tell EVERYONE that she wants a pet, a pink cupcake and a real cake? Cody does this and then I worry that he'll end up with 4 iPods, or 4 Bette Midler CD's or whatever may be in his brain that particular year.

  12. Hehehe.. do you know how lucky you are? Question mark? :)

  13. thats incredible. thank you for writing such a wonderful blog. thanks for your comment today on mine! I really enjoy yours and your sense of humor!

  14. Omg, that's hysterical. If you do indulge the cake wish, please take pictures. Does she want to write the question mark in herself, or can the store do it?

  15. Some of my friends picked it up off my page & sent it around too so you may run into yourself on someone's wall.

  16. Her and Jaylen are so alike sometimes. I really think we need to get them together. He comes up with whack stuff like this all the time.

  17. Ah yes, the traditional smelling of the cake. Less calories, if only I could stick with the smelling.

  18. A question mark after Merry Christmas ... that's the most realistic attitude to the festive season I've come across.

  19. Wow, she's got it all right at such a tender age!

  20. Well at least christmas shopping is easy this year..I've had similar lists..:)

  21. Yeah, my list is pretty much the same as Audrey's this year except I want my existing pet NOT to smell, a pink cupcake(also with no singing) and a new Christmas cake that smells all yummy and question-marky.

  22. I am SOOOOO with Audrey.

    "HAPPY Holidays?" is my new personal tagline.

  23. My Catholic school grammar books failed to tell me that the question mark should follow "Merry" but I found out the hard way as an adult. The exclamation point is used for "Merry Fucking Christmas!" when seeing the in-laws or a sister that makes your life miserable.