Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blog Gems: Love Is in the Air

In honor of Valentine's Day, Jen at The King and Eye has asked us to share a post from our archives about something or someone that we love.  Because I am a die-hard romantic, I went for an inanimate object.  My iPhone.  I love my iPhone and so does Audrey.  And it loves us back unconditionally.  Well, charging it might be one condition but that's entirely reasonable.

You can either click on the icon above to join in on the lovefest, or click here to go straight to my post.  I was stiffed on the last Blog Gems...comment-wise that is.  This time, unless your name is CherylIreneJ*Deanna, or K Floortime Lite Mama, you'd better effing comment.  I mean it.  Don't screw with me.  I will mess you up.  Please?