Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Minnie? Daisy? Is This Thing On?

I haven't blogged about Audrey's texting in ages.  Mostly because the novelty seems to have worn off.  For her, that is.  Not for me.  I'll never get tired of posts that require nothing more of me than slapping up a picture of my iPhone.

Audrey texts have evolved from gossiping with Lauren, to initiating contact with people that I really wish she wouldn't and should have cleared from my contact list long ago, to communicating with cats.  Maybe I should make that "devolved".  

It seems our upcoming trip to Disney has rekindled her interest though, so the texting gravy train has pulled back into the station.  Audrey is back to her old tricks of thinking that she can just type any recipient's name in and the text will somehow find its way to them.  So far she's restricted this to cats and cartoon characters, but I'm thinking of expanding on this and trying it with God and Lindsay Lohan.  They both have been gunning for an earful from me for a while now.

When I first saw Audrey's latest messages, I naturally assumed that they were addressed to the various Disney characters.  But upon closer inspection I think that perhaps these are the words that she wishes to put in their mouths.  The tip off was the one under Donald that says "My name is Donald".  Besides that one, there are these gems:

Minnie:  "Are you glad to see you?"
Mickey:  "Let's go back to the clubhouse"
Daisy:  "On no!  Bella is gone!"

Sadly, I know exactly which episode of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse she's quoting with that last one.

When I checked back later, Audrey had furthered her "conversation" with Minnie, but I was too lazy to take another picture.

"I'll be Audrey Audridey!"
"Are you glad to see you?"
"Yes you were!"
"I had a piece of gum two word Chow Spy!"

Wait.  What?  I had a piece of gum two word Chow Spy?  Please tell me this is one of those auto-corrects gone awry.  Any ideas?


  1. I hate it when they are smarter than we are and figure stuff out and then you're all, "GREAT. Now what?"

    And I have no idea what it means.

  2. First, I think Bella needs to make sure the restraining order is up to date since Audrey, apparently, plans on making her "disappear." Second, please tell Audrey that Disney does not allow gum on the premesis. Finally, I am going to be glad to see me! Yes I was!

  3. I have absolutely no idea what that last line means, unless she is repeating a script that she misheard. I love the texting and conversations, the delightful mix of scripting and those nagging pronouns jumbled creatively, although I do fear for the characters when you go to Disney.

  4. I think it means you should pack LOTS of chewing gum for your upcoming visit to Big D!

  5. Why don't you send the text to Apple and ask WTF is up with their auto correct.

    It really might be time to get her an iphone of her own. I mean, she has a lot of people to keep up with.

  6. Hahaha, I know exactly which episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that is too! Maybe the last sentence is really supposed to be two separate thoughts, like, "I had a piece of chewing gum too(two). Chow spy!" I know, it's a stretch, but maybe Minnie was spying on her chewing the gum?

  7. Google it?

    Lynn, what if someone if really getting her texts? What if there are really people named Minnie, Daisy, Donald and Mickey and the secret phrase is really is "I had a piece of gum two word Chow Spy???

    Meaning "this place sucks, I'm so outta here!"

  8. Maybe she should use her powers of texting for "good," and see if that pack of hooligans can score her some discounted Disney passes.

    But darn, she sure is cute!

  9. Oh how I wish you could do a reverse auto-correct. Could there be an app for that?

  10. Wait, is she actually talking to somebody? I'm confused.

    I was going to say something incredibly clever about what I thought "I had a piece of gum two word Chow Spy!" meant but first I thought I'd Google it just to see what would happen, and I got 1 result: this page.


  11. Do any of her shows play guessing games like "two words, sounds like..."? I can sort of see that morphing into Two word chow Spy....just a thought

  12. @Bethany: I've been pressing the point hard that she cannot accost Minnie at Disney World. I do not want to get kicked after spending all that money! I'm glad to see that you are still noodling over the Chow Spy line. I keep asking her and she's not cracking.

    @both Lauras: I like the thought that she's already trying to torment BD. Like nyah nyah I had a piece of gum too, Chow Spy! Where chow = her mocking his eating habits somehow.

    @ryoko: That would be some secret message...that code definitely would never been cracked.

  13. I love that she texts to random characters. This post cracked me up...but I have no idea on that last one. PS I love Autism WTF. Just thought I'd let you know.

  14. I haven't a clue! It sounds like Audrey is really looking forward to the trip!

  15. Except for that last text, hey! Your daughter can spell! WOOH FOR SPELLING!!!! So, is texting the next step after PECS? I should know these things. Crap. Does my 21-month-old now need an iPhone? (He got a hold of his Dad's iPhone the other day and instantly figured out the "slide to unlock" feature. Seriously. Technology is made for the young....)

  16. I'm going to go the pastry route and guess it's "chows pie" in, "I tried some gum and two words - I'd rather eat pie".

    But yeah, she spells amazingly and can probably (no, most definitely) spell PIE.