Monday, February 14, 2011

Red Alert! Red Alert! Scheduling Change for Autism WTF!

The next Autism WTF radio show has been rescheduled from tomorrow until next Tuesday, February 22.  It will also be broadcast one hour later than our first show, at 10:00am PST / 12:00pm CST / 1:00pm EST.

Sorry for the postponement.  I was hoping to keep it to the original date...I thought that perhaps a night of Valentine's lovin' would mellow Big Daddy and slow him down enough to where you could understand a word he was saying and *maybe* I could get a word in edgewise.  I guess I'll just have to hope that his new diet has weakened him to the point of catatonia.

You will now have to wait a whole extra week to get all of your burning questions answered, such as:
  • Will I allow Big Daddy to say "hi" during the intro?
  • Will Big Daddy pull a muscle feigning interest in anything I have to say?                                           (So.  does.  Au.  drey.  like.  wa.  ter.                        ?)
  • Will special guest Jillsmo be able to abstain from using profanity?  If you don't know Jill, then go on ahead and click over there and read her Valentine's Day post before you register a vote on this.
  • Does the word "pissed" count as profanity?
  • Will anyone tune in to this train wreck after the last train wreck?
  • What crazy-ass regional dialect will Big Daddy be putting on this time?

Our topic will be "On the Town" and we will be talking about our adventures in the community: strange behaviors on display, epic meltdowns, sensory overload, interaction with typical children, and all the unsolicited parenting advice you can handle!  If you have any questions, advice, or stories to share, feel free to comment here and maybe we'll include your input on the air.  Talk at you next week!


  1. Love the illustration. Who is this "Audrey" you keep referring to?

  2. If you were in England, "pissed" would mean you were really drunk. So I guess if you use it in that context, it isn't considered profanity.

    So if you use that word in the next broadcast, I'm probably going to think you're all drunk or working towards that goal!

  3. Now I'm going to use the word "pissed" just to make you wonder if I'm drunk or not. (I will be)

  4. there's no way pissed is a swear word....if it is, i'm in trouble

  5. I think pissed is just part of the parenting vernacular, No way can that be a swear word. In fact, the boys have hear me yell "You are pissing me off!" so many times and they have never said pissed, therefore it cannot be a swear word. God knows they have said damn, they fill in the blank when I say "son of a ------", and they have even dropped a shit or two. Pissed is all good!

  6. My brother taught me the word "pissed" when I was very young, and my parents never ONCE corrected me... until I was like a jr in high school or something, so I maintain that it is NOT a bad word, and they just decided to be stupid because I was a teenager lol