Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tooth and Consequences: The First Baby Tooth Bites It

Another mystery solved:
Big Daddy IS the Tooth Fairy
Audrey has finally lost her first tooth.  She will be 7 in April, and even though the dentist kept telling me that it wasn't at all abnormal that she hadn't lost one yet, I was still concerned.  Seven years of being late to meet every single milestone will do that to you.

Actually, besides just another demerit in the baby book, my real concern was that two of her second teeth were already coming in behind the baby teeth.  Her mouth was starting look all freaky-deaky like she had a shadow set of choppers in the back.  But it's really not looking much better since a baby tooth has fallen out*.

Now it looks like she's got this engorged gum in front of the second teeth, which seem way too recessed in her mouth.  This may be where I start regretting letting her use a pacifier until just about a month ago.  I'm not even kidding.

Audrey always loved her binky and I was/am such a frazzled train wreck of a mother that weaning her off of it was just never a priority.  I used to have a pacifier in every pocket of every coat or pair of jeans, plus every purse, dresser drawer, and glove compartment.  And there may have been a minor shoplifting infraction where I ripped open a package of binkies in Target and shoved one in her mouth sans all of that unnecessary pre-boiling/sanitizing B.S.  I always told everyone that I did not care one bit.  I felt that trading out my current sanity for possible future orthodontia nightmares was a chance that I was willing to take.  But now the chicken teeth may be coming home to roost.

Audrey was uber-ascared to lose a tooth.  She's had a couple that have been wiggly for months, and every once in a while she would gasp and put her hand to her mouth when she would feel them move or maybe taste a little blood.  The blood was the big thing...she has bloody noses quite frequently and just flips at the sight or taste of blood.

I've seen this coming for months and have been meaning to either look for a pre-written social story or write one myself.  I never got around to it.  Plus, when I explained the whole tooth fairy thing and told her that she could get a "treat" instead of money, she was all over it.  Who needs to slave over a social story when I can just promise her a cupcake, cookie, or piece of candy?  Pfft.  It's called time management, people.

Since the tooth came out, Audrey has actually become quite enamored of it.  She keeps wanting to look at it and play with it.  But it's very small and she's already lost and found it about 100 times over.  I put it in a little jewelry pouch for her and told her to keep it safe because having the tooth to put under your pillow is sort of key to the whole Tooth Fairy shtick and getting a treat.  So she gets apoplectic when she can't find it.  For some reason, she keeps playing with it on my bed and losing it somewhere in the sheets and then screaming her head off for me to come help her find it.  There is a greater than 50-50 chance that she now has a curled-up hunk of my dry heel skin in that jewelry pouch instead of a tooth.

*Tooth may have been coaxed out by an errant knuckle sandwich.


  1. hi lynn,
    awwww cute photo of audrey! my daughter hadley who is now *gasp 19 still has lots of baby teeth.. her dental age is like 10, we have lots of "double" teeth and i know she is going to have to get them yanked out which will be a whole production which is why i'm putting if off... anyhow congrats on the "tooth fairy's" visit!
    shelley :)

  2. Her tooth will move forward. That is what our dentist told is bc Katie has had teeth come up behind, too. I am glad it wasn't an overly traumatic thing. And I sucked my index finger til I was 8, soooo...start saving for braces now is all I'm sayin'.

  3. I love your idea of time management, can I be like you when I grow up? Jen

  4. Hey Lady! I agree. As far as priorities go, binkies are low on the list. In fact, Ted never learned to self-soothe, so we TRIED to get him to use a binkie at age two. No dice, and he still can't self-soothe, but that's info for my blog...haha.

    I have been thinking about how to explain tooth loss, so thanks for the tips and possibke bribing ideas. Also, the heel skin thing...really gross. I love it!

  5. Congrats on the first lost tooth! Coleman didn't lose his first until he was 8, but then he didn't get any until he was 15 months old, so...

    Julia's 6 and still hasn't lost any. She's starting to try to "loosen" them herself. LOL :-)

  6. Big Daddy is the tooth fairy? Mystery solved!! I'm dreading the dental nastiness that is loose teeth. Bleh. Caleb got his first tooth at 4 months, so I'm expecting him to start losing them on the early side, too. Yay. Definitely a job assigned to Daddy. =)

  7. "apoplectic"? Really?
    Have you considered the possibility that she's part shark and may continue to grow rows of teeth?
    The bird has not one wiggle. I had almost every tooth pulled. Those fuckers would not come out on their own.

  8. I am way to cheap to be the tooth fairy.

    Griffin didn't lose his first tooth until 7 or so. Now we are staring down the abyss that some call, shudder, braces!

  9. 1st, I so want Big Daddy to come to my house dressed like that. No reason. 2nd, Violet has lost 2 teeth. She's almost 8. She's had 4 lose since October. It totally skeeves me. Our dentist says it's fine, too, but, ugh.

  10. I didn't lose my teeth until late, and ended up having to have one baby tooth pulled. That led to years of orthodonture: braces, head gear, retainer, the whole thing. I never used a pacifier.

    In related news, my mother in law just sent an envelope of stuff from my husband's childhood, including an envelope to the tooth fairy - still containing the old tooth. I threatened divorce if he opened that envelope anywhere near me.

  11. cute, first tooth lost! maybe she should keep her first one and leave that hunk of a tooth fairy a note?!
    I recently found a dodie (pacifier) belonging to WiiBoy!! hasn't been used in years but he still has blankies. In secret of course
    Never knock the comforters ;-)

    xx Jazzy

  12. Ugh, loose teeth freak me out. I have had to yank out two of my son's teeth by hand cause they were hanging by a thread of gum and he kept playing with them, twisting them around in his mouth(EEWWWW!!). When your done writing a social story for Audrey, can you write one for me? "You will not freak out and say "Fuck-fuckity fuck" under your breath over and over while pulling out you son's tooth. You will not shriek like a little girl when the tooth comes out covered in blood..."

  13. This line " I felt that trading out my current sanity for possible future orthodontia nightmares was a chance that I was willing to take"

    I could have said it myself. I wasn't about to take the paci away from my daughter. Ever. I saw her going to college with it....but she gave it up on her own, eventually.

    Also? I think my daughter will never lose her teeth. She was really late getting them so I figured she'd be late losing them too. (When did your girl get her first tooth)

  14. Wow, the binky thing is all over the place today. Another couple of people I know were just posting how they were de-binkifying their toddlers... Frankly, that's one thing I don't see my daughter living without. Call me a bad parent... call me a scaredy cat.... I like her sleep and mine a little too much for now. At 8 months old the doctor was trying to get me to get rid of it.... I was all WHAT? ANd where did those horns come from?

    Also, a good friend of mine is in her teens again.... (40's) and still has baby teeth... they work.

    I remember losing the vast majority of my teeth early and at one time... which meant I had orthodontia (space maintainers) from 6 all the way until 16 or 17 years old (retainers). It's one milestone I'll gladly wait for.

    Big Daddy as the tooth fairy? Better hope Audrey doesn't wake up in the middle of the night! :)

  15. Child 2's bottom teeth look exactly like that; all weird and sticking in random directions. His second one has come out by now, though, and it's been a few weeks but they're actually starting to grow closer together.

    And I'm still finding pacifiers in random places, more than a year after he gave them up. I think at one time we probably had at least 30.

  16. She sounds so like my son! He also had a dummy until he was about 5 or 6 fiercely guarding it & becoming distraught if it got lost but then decided to leave it out one year for Santa and didn't make any fuss whatsoever as it was his decision. He also totally freaked about the tooth coming out and the blood, not even the promise of the toothfairy and treats would comfort him. However as cleaning his teeth was a nightmare as a young child ( I couldn't get near his mouth)he ended up with a cavity and had to have a filling. We have the most amazing dentist who just 'gets' him and worked with him for months doing extra visits, letting him touch all his equipment and push the buttons on the magic chair, letting Mikey get used to him putting his hand in his mouth and eventually he did the filling without any kind of pain relief!!! My oldest NT son has all his teeth in the wrong places and had his first brace fitted this morning! Love your blog :)

  17. Ok, so you had me, had me, still reading, had me...binky, yes...crooked teeth, uh huh...reading, reading, and then "There is a greater than 50-50 chance that she now has a curled-up hunk of my dry heel skin in that jewelry pouch instead of a tooth"...and I wince like a cat eating a lemon and let out an audible "EWWWWWWWWWW." Oh yeah, that was good stuff. Thanks, loved it!

  18. Who knew teeth were such a popular topic? My kid- lost his first early - just after turning 4- he swallowed it. So, consider yourself lucky looking for Audrey's in the sheets - and NO- I did not retrieve the tooth. WE modified the story--no turds under the pillow at my house!

  19. I see all these posts with everyone seeing braces in their future- you have seen how bad Brian's teeth are bucked out thanks to his constant thumb-sucking...I just can't imagine putting braces on this kid...I'm interested if anyone out there has a teenager on the spectrum with braces? I just don't think it's gonna go over well here (we do have six or more years to worry about this but still....)

  20. I don't think it's that uncommon for the bottom teeth to start growing in behind the baby teeth. It happened to my daughter and a few of her friends. They do move forward on their own.

  21. @Heather: I'm so with you. I'm sure that there are ASD teenagers out there with braces, but what a nightmare. When you can barely tolerate seams in your socks, can you imagine how a mouth full of metal feels??

    @Mara: I had the exact same situation. I was so sick of seeing her perseverate on playing with it with her tongue that I finally had to take action. I just took a Kleenex and yanked it out.

    @Rebecca: She got her first teeth at the normal time (6 mos?) but I think that I was very late to lose mine and then very late getting my second ones all the way in. I swear I had no front teeth for like 2 years.

    @Lissa: Maybe I'll think differently when she's in the dentist chair getting her braces on, but so far...nope, no regrets on the binky.

    @Louise: Yay for awesome dentists! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    @Kristin: Thanks...that makes me feel better!

  22. My son also didn't lose his first tooth until he was 7. He's still slowly losing teeth. He's almost 9 and just recently lost one of his front teeth. Most of his friends already have two permanent front teeth.

  23. OMG, this is the first have to go through this at least.....never mind.

    Just put her under, rip all the teeth out, put in dentures.


    Just I'm not.

  24. A long time with a binky is better than thumb sucking way past the acceptable age. Not that I know anyone who did that.

    Also, at least she isn't pulling out her own teeth well before they are ready to go. Not that I knew anyone who did that either.

  25. Ok. EWWWWW about the dry hunk of heel skin.. AND about eating a booger too...

    Owen, the kid who didn't swallow FOOD until he was five years old, swallowed his first baby tooth.

    Al whittled a fake one out of wood to fool the tooth fairy. It worked. And we still have the fake tooth.

    All subsequent teeth have been placed under a pillow, but unfortunately, the tooth fairy is a lush and usually forgets to leave any cash.

  26. At least she didn't swallow it! Benjamin has lost six and we've never seen one.

  27. Congrats to Audrey!

    Don't feel guilty about the damn binky! Most kids probably need braces anyway, right? It's worth your sanity!

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  29. The exact same thing is happening to Diego... his front teeth on the bottom are growing in behind the baby teeth. He lost his first one this past New Year's Eve and I was so shocked to see blood running down his mouth and he didn't even mind! I figured he would freak out and scream but he didn't. Our kids are full of surprises! If braces are in the future I am NOT looking forward to that...

  30. OMG, Gaston didn't lose his first tooth until he was 7 either! And he lost it by banging his face against a kitchen benchtop!

  31. Sometimes, you make me not want to go on. I try very hard not to think of future stuff but you are always throwing it in my face. Now I am already stressing about teeth loss and he is only 4. But he is gonna flip out! Hates blood and hates pain, and I mean not normal hate, you know the hate I'm talking about.

    And the heel skin is hysterical.