Sunday, February 20, 2011

You're Funny and You Don't Know Why

So I thought that I would be like the cool kids and share one of my favorite songs of all time with you, "Crazy" by Pylon.  This song runs through my head an awful lot because of the following lyrics:
"...your head's shaking 'cause your arms are shaking
and your feet are shaking 'cause the earth is shaking..."

Audrey's body can just be all over the place sometimes.  Actually a lot of the time.  She jumps up and down, pumps her arms, thrusts them up in the air, shakes her hands and head, and paces the floor.  There are various theories as to why autistic people do this.  It's supposed to be because of some kind of lack of body awareness.  Or some such thing.  I once heard a non-verbal autistic teenager explain through an augmentative communication device that she had no feeling in her limbs unless they were in vigorous motion.  

So her arms are shaking 'cause her hands are shaking...oh God I cannot get this song out of my head.  But there are worst things in the world because it is one of the greatest songs of all time.  Don't be put off by the title as relates to autism.  I always took it to be about someone just feeling out of sync, but it may actually be about being in love.

"'re funny and you don't know why
You're funny and you can't even cry
You're funny and you don't know why
You're funny and you don't even try..."

On a related note, go check out my friend Sherri's new blog Post Taste.  She's from the super-cool part of the world that produced Pylon.  Her latest post, with a pic of her in full B-52 regalia, reminds me of my early 80's college days spent loving all things jangly.  R.E.M., Pylon, Love Tractor, the dB' can't be from down there and NOT have awesome taste...check her out!


  1. Yeah! Sherri's stuff is awe-some!
    My bird's whole system has been off. Her cranio sacral therapist says it's from the atmospheric pressure with the weather going 50-20-50 and back to 20 in 48 hours. I just think it's because the bird is batshit crazy sometimes. Cannot sit still, mood swings, jump jump jump.
    But as far as being funny and not knowing it? She definitely thinks something is funny because she's been giggling to herself for a few days now :)

  2. By pumps her arms do you mean fist pump? Don't lie.

    Katie isn't a big flapper or anything but has no clue about body awareness. Oh, there's already someone sitting there? Clearly he/she wants me on his/her lap. What do you mean I cant be thisclose when talking to that kid at swimming. You mean him leaning back is supposed to mean something to me? When did that counter get put there? Ha..yeah...

  3. I thought only georgians dug pylon. you continue to make me wish i could go have a beer with you. more and more. love crazy. thanks for the link lurve. you rock.

  4. Um, this is way to "hep" or "hip" for me. I thought your musical tastes stopped growing with Big Band and Be Bop stuff from your teen years.

    Anyhoo, lack of body awareness would certainly explain a lot about Griffin. And my honeymoon.

  5. BDA is describing me! I'm not one of the cool kids who are hip to current music!

  6. @BigDaddy @CherylD: That song is 30 years old, so unhip doesn't even begin to describe you two.

  7. Really 30 years? Damn. I was once one of the cool kids - for about 3 mos or so in 1984. Then it went all down hill...

    That body awareness/proprioceptive stuff is all about who Ms. Audrey is. Pretty interesting stuff. I'd love to see a video of her dancing to your fave song... (hint).

  8. My Aspie told me that he stims because he is excited or upset about something. He says he can't help it. It's like smiling to us. Why should he hide how he feels. He does this when he plays the Wii. He even puts the game controller down so he can stim during an exciting part of the game.

  9. I don't know that song but I will not... repeat... WILL NOT listen to it. I just have a feeling about it.